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   Chapter 342 The Higher You Stand, The Heavier You Fall (Part Two)

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"Daisy, I thought you forget about us. Why didn't you come to visit us for all these years?" Angela controlled her tears of happiness. She had been quite emotional and excited from the moment she saw Daisy walking in with Edward. There was a Chinese saying "A girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood" and Daisy was a living example of it. After all these years, Daisy had grown into an elegant and gorgeous woman. That made Angela relieved as well as nostalgic.

"I see, you already know each other." Cynthia had planned to introduce them to each other. But before she did, Daisy and Angela had already hugged each other.

"Yes, we know each other well. When they got married, we were abroad. That's why we couldn't attend their wedding ceremony. No wonder I didn't know that Daisy is your daughter-in-law. She is like a daughter to me." As Angela examined Daisy, she became more content.

"Haha. Destiny is mysterious. It has closely connected our families." Cynthia was overwhelmed with joy to see them catching up. After all, it was easier to get along with someone you already knew than a total stranger.

Jonathan always wore a poker face. As much as he appreciated Daisy, he didn't reveal his admiration on his face. He just sat there quietly without making any comments. Those who knew him also knew his temper quite well, so they were used to it. But Daisy felt a bit awkward in front of him, possibly because of her outfit. She felt more comfortable around him in her military uniform.

Similar to Daisy's embarrassment, Kevin was also like a cat on hot bricks. He noticed everything that was going on around Leena from where he sat. He knew Rain who was seated beside Leena. But who was the other gentleman next to her? Kevin could tell from their intimacy that they must know each other quite well.

Kevin frowned helplessly. He knew that there was no love between him and Leena, but she was his wife anyway. So he couldn't b

composure, that Leena was not a shameless woman and that she wouldn't be stupid enough to flirt with another man in public. He believed in his own judgment to choose a faithful wife, and he was sure that Leena wasn't an infidel woman. That's how he managed to keep his cool.

"Well. Well, this is Tom, he's a doctor. If you get sick, you have to go to see him. His healing skills are superb." After hearing Kevin's question, Leena moved away from Tom to hold Kevin's arm, her face still radiated with pride for Tom. She remained oblivious of Kevin's clouded expression.

"Huh..." Leena's recommendation of Tom made Rain and Tom spit out the wine in their mouth. They had never seen anyone recommending a doctor to perfectly healthy people. Leena's rib-tickling side was fun to be around. No wife would ever wish her husband to get sick. They knew Leena was just recommending without meaning anything else. She had planned ahead for future ailments. But it was still quite funny for someone to say such a thing, so Rain and Tom just laughed out loud.

But Kevin was in no mood to laugh. His mouth twitched, not because of the doctor referral, but the confusion that how many more friends like this did Leena have. He hoped it wouldn't be as many as a platoon, because that would be hard for him to deal with.

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