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   Chapter 341 The Higher You Stand, The Heavier You Fall (Part One)

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"Let's go. Let me introduce you to everyone." Edward was just threatening him. He didn't attempt to teach Brian a lesson as Daisy's squinted eyes already implied danger. He could dismiss Brian, but not Daisy's feelings.

"Do I have to? I'm not good at forcing a smile." As much as Daisy disliked these social engagements, she tried to present her best self for Edward's sake.

"Please join me. Don't worry. I'll be with you." Edward knew why Daisy was concerned, but he hoped to present a different side of himself, a businessman instead of a familyman. He didn't want to limit himself. He wanted Daisy to know every aspect of his life, his connections, his extraordinary accomplishments, and more. Edward was eager to show to her everything.

"But Brian..." Daisy looked at Brian hesitantly, not knowing what to do. She just saw him after many years; Daisy didn't want to leave him behind or have him complain about her behavior. Besides, she wanted to know everything that had happened to him these years.

"Daisy, I'll be fine by myself. You should go with Edward. We'll have plenty of time to shoot the breeze later." Brian answered while giving a handsome smile. He had seen through Edward already. On the one hand, Edward wanted to flaunt Daisy in front of his friends. On the other hand, he hoped to display his wisdom and sophistication in front of Daisy. Either way, Edward would win praise. He was calculative, thoughtful and determined. Sophistication was embedded in his DNA.

Edward lived up to the status of the business elite, even an outsider like Daisy admired his tactics and ability to overshadow others in casual conversation. Just like Edward said, as long as he was with her, she had nothing to worry about. All she needed to do was to say hello. Then Edward would take over and handle the rest.

Yet being next to such an extraordinary man didn't cheer up Daisy; instead, it worried her, because she wasn't sure whether Edward would get bored and leave her. After all, he was an extremely outstanding man in this world filled with temptations.

Throughout that night, Daisy was focused on Edward ra

I..." Mary remembered Cynthia from last time. So when she saw her again, she lost the courage to say another word. She went blank.

"Daisy, let's go. I'll take you to meet some friends." After giving her warning, Cynthia completely ignored Mary. She never paid any attention to the people she didn't like. Now all she could see was her sweet daughter-in-law.

"Sure." Daisy took a deep breath, her head was filled with Cynthia's words, Edward had taught Mary a lesson? When did that happen? How come Edward had never told her about it? Was Edward also hiding other things from her? He explained himself only after she found out things, like the things with Leo and Jessica. He never offered to tell her anything. That thought made her heart sink. She began to lose her cool as she kept thinking about Mary's warning.

"Uncle, Aunt, long time no see. How are you doing?" Daisy was thrilled to see Belinda's parents here. She hadn't noticed that Cynthia was taking her to meet them. She hadn't seen them for years. In fact, she hadn't seen them since she went abroad for studying in the military school. Over a decade had passed. Many things had changed, but her affection for them remained as it was.

Belinda's home was like a haven for her. She loved the soothing smile of Belinda's father and the gentle comfort of her mother. It was a treasured memory for her. After all these years, she still remembered it.

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