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   Chapter 340 What Are You Doing (Part Two)

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"You owe me an explanation." Until this moment, Edward didn't know he could be jealous of a young man. He was green with envy when he saw his wife cared for another man. His heart was filled with fury and jealousy, and he was about to explode. Usually, women would fight for his favor, since when did it shift the other way around? However, Edward had no time to think about that. The only thing he could think of was to protect his wife.

"Explanation? Didn't you see everything?" Daisy assumed Edward knew that Brian was her brother; what she meant was that it was common for a sister to embrace her brother, especially after they had been parted for years. However, Edward didn't. In Edward's eyes, Daisy was challenging him. He had just announced to the world that she was his wife; how could she embrace another man like this? It was unacceptable!

"Daisy, are you really that desperate? Huh? You won't even explain it to me. Or perhaps you are trying to upset me because of Jessica? That's why you are hitting on another man." A moment ago Edward was in the seventh heaven, and now he was falling from cloud nine. How could he accept this calmly?

"Edward, don't make a fuss out of nothing. Are you out of your mind? I have no idea what you're talking about." Confused, Daisy reached out her hand, trying to feel his forehead. But she missed him because he turned his head aside angrily. Daisy was sure that Edward was mad at her. But why?

"Am I making a fuss out of nothing? I saw with my own eyes that you were holding this boy toy! Don't you think I deserve an explanation?" Edward was being ridiculous. Did he forget that he was holding Jessica just a few minutes ago? How could he blame Daisy when he had made the same mistake?

"Boy toy? You mean Brian?" Daisy was puzzled, and she turned her eyes to Brian. He looked masculine and handsome. How could he be a boy toy? Did Edward mean someone else? Who could it be?

"Brian... You've never been that gentle while calling out my name." Edward got more irritated, Daisy always called everyone she knew by first names or nicknames, but she usually a


"I'm sorry. Did I make a mistake?" Feeling awkward, Edward brushed his hair with his fingers and turned to Daisy. Daisy shrugged and gave him a tiny smile.

"Yes, you did. Please find out who you are throwing your fist at before you get jealous next time. Or you'll end up embarrassing yourself." Daisy had no choice but to give in when Edward stared at her with puppy eyes. Although sometimes she regretted spoiling him, she always found a reason to forgive herself for doing so. No matter what, she couldn't stay mad at him.

"Yes, you're right. Next time before I hit him, I'll definitely tell him why." Edward smirked at Daisy. Although he misunderstood their relationship, Brian still embraced Daisy. The only man in the world who could hug Daisy was Edward himself! Brian was not allowed to do so, even if he was her brother. Edward noticed that Brian was special to Daisy. She had cut off all her connections with the Ouyangs, but not with Brian.

Daisy was speechless when she heard Edward. What did he just say? Did he mean that he would still attack Brian? Did he think that it was the right thing to do? How dare he stand in front of her and threaten her brother? Wasn't he afraid of her? Daisy would like to see what Edward was going to do to Brian because no matter what Edward did, she would do the same thing to him! She wouldn't tolerate him ignoring her and bullying her brother!

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