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   Chapter 339 What Are You Doing (Part One)

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Jessica gritted her teeth as Edward left determinedly. She wanted to hold on to him, but she knew Belinda was right; she couldn't come between Edward and Daisy. Stealing him back was out of the question.

"Daisy, you look gorgeous tonight! You practically steal the show." After Edward left, Belinda ignored Jessica and chatted with Daisy joyfully. Daisy was beautiful, but she always kept a low profile; when it came to clothes, she usually chose casual and comfortable outfits. Besides, she barely had the chance to wear anything other than her uniform, let alone a gorgeous gown like she wore for the party tonight.

"What? Are you spellbound by my beauty?" Daisy took a deep breath and smiled at Belinda, trying to calm herself down with a little banter. She was really nervous. After Edward introduced her as his wife, everyone was staring at her either curiously or viciously. It was difficult for her to enjoy the party.

"Yes! But I think I'm not the only one enchanted by you tonight. Do you see that handsome guy over there? He has been gazing at you for quite some time." Belinda raised her eyebrows and pointed in a man's direction.

"Who are you talking about?" Following Belinda's gaze, Daisy curiously turned. The smile on her face instantly disappeared as she saw the young man. It was Brian. Brian was sure that he didn't mistake someone else for Daisy. After all, Edward introduced her and then confessed his love for her in front of all the guests.

"Do you know him?" Belinda noticed a change in Daisy's look. She was confused, so she turned around again to look at the young man.

"Yes, I do. Sorry, Belinda. Please excuse me for a second." Daisy knew sooner or later she had to face Brian. She missed him so much. But when they met the other day, she had to say she didn't know him. Although she didn't want to, she had her own difficulties. Now that everyone knew who she was, she couldn't pretend not knowing him. After all, Brian hadn't done anything wrong, and he didn't deserve this.

Brian was in shock the whole evening. He thought Edward would bring one of his girlfriends to the party, but he hadn't expected that Edward woul

y." Brian's eyes became red. He closed his eyes and sighed with satisfaction. He hadn't held Daisy for years, and he missed her embrace. He felt love and warmth only when Daisy hugged him. He had never felt the same thing from any other member of his family, not even his own mother. Perhaps it was because his mother loved and cared for no one but herself, and the only thing she did was to plot against others.

"What are you doing? Am I invisible to you now?" As the brother and sister were enjoying the happy reunion, Edward suddenly showed up behind them. He pushed Brian away and pulled Daisy into his arms as he glared at the man who dared to embrace his wife. His eyes were full of rage.

Although Edward was having casual conversations with his clients, his eyes followed Daisy as she went around the venue. When he noticed how many men were drooling over Daisy, he immediately regretted choosing such a stunning dress for her. He knew better than anyone that she was irresistible. While chatting with guests, he kept an eye on her, in case someone would try to hit on her. Edward got furious when he saw a man hugging Daisy in front of everyone. Was the man desperately seeking his death? He'd be happy to help him if that was the case.

"Edward! What are you doing? Are you okay, Brian?" Daisy hadn't expected that Edward would suddenly attack Brian. She was so worried about her brother that she didn't notice Edward's anger.

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