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   Chapter 338 A Sublime Melody (Part Two)

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"Jessica Lin, I didn't expect to see you so soon. You can hug other men as much as you like, but don't you dare come near my man. I remember warning you; it seems that you have a short memory." Daisy frowned slightly, glancing at Edward with accusation. She wasn't pleased that this man had made her so jealous that she had to perform in front of everyone on an instrument that she hadn't tried for the longest time. Luckily Daisy hadn't lost her touch. Otherwise, Edward would be in serious trouble later that night.

"Don't forget that he used to be my man as well. You shouldn't be so confident. Your man will ultimately go to some other woman. I believe, at that time someone will say the same thing to you! Are you still sure that this man is solely yours?" Jessica had lost Edward, but she still fought for her dignity. No matter what happened, she wouldn't concede to Daisy so easily.

Edward turned to Daisy with worry, upon hearing Jessica's attempt to disparage his relationship with Daisy. He quickly pulled her close to him. When he turned back to face Jessica, darkness appeared on his handsome face. 'Jessica, you've ruined every last bit of kindness that existed between us. Now I've seen how nasty you really are.'

"Oh? Is that so? I'll be waiting for it! I don't care how many women he had or is going to have. He is mine now, and every bit of him belongs to me. If anyone tries to get a piece of him, she'll have to go through me first."

Daisy sneered and didn't react to Edward's action. Her bright eyes taunted Jessica. Daisy didn't

he child. Otherwise, why would this woman come after him again and again?

"Belinda, leave it. Calm down. People are watching. Let's not make this ugly." Daisy didn't want to spoil the party because of their personal affairs. She was familiar with Belinda's temper. Belinda would easily get riled up about anything related to Daisy, so she had to be stopped. Moreover, Belinda was now a CEO of a big company. Many people from the business world were looking at them. Daisy couldn't afford to let her reputation be damaged. That would be detrimental to her career growth. Besides, her superiors from the army were also here, so she had to contain herself.

Belinda looked around at the curious eyes staring at them and unwillingly decided to stop humiliating Jessica. She had to keep things cool for Daisy's sake, so she left Jessica with a threatening look. Deep down, she tried to tell Jessica that she would not lose to anyone even if she had to play dirty. Other than that sly Leena Leng, Belinda had never been defeated by anyone.

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