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   Chapter 337 A Sublime Melody (Part One)

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"Mu, what you said isn't true, is it? How could she be your legal wife? If that is true, how come she didn't show up earlier? You are deliberately making me give up, that's why you are making her play along, aren't you?"

Jessica caught Edward when he was standing alone. She wouldn't accept her defeat. Her outfit and makeup were captivating enough to amaze every onlooker, yet Daisy Ouyang's pure and intense aura trumped them. Initially, all eyes were on Jessica, but when Daisy entered the venue, all the attention shifted to her. Jessica was jealous of both Daisy's gorgeous figure and noble background.

"Jessica, it's you. Do you think you are so important that we have to put up a performance for you? Don't think so highly of yourself. We don't consider you a threat. Since we've known each other for years, let me give you a fair warning! Don't do anything stupid that doesn't match your status."

Edward noticed Jessica's pale and soft hand holding onto his sleeve. He raised his eyebrows and ordered her unmercifully, without a hint of emotion. His frigidness was like the severe winter wind that erased all traces of warmth.

"Do you really love her? Till death do you apart? It's not just a lie?" Jessica bit on her lip. No matter what, she couldn't believe a philanderer like Edward could give up on his lifestyle for one woman, for one icy bloom named Daisy. Jessica was determined to reveal what was behind Edward's facade.

"What do you think? Are you curious? But why should I tell you? I'm not obliged to do that, am I?" Edward smirked and pulled back his sleeve assertively. His love for Daisy was sacred and personal, and he had no reason to explain his emotions to an irrelevant outsider. He did not expect everyone in this world to understand his affection for Daisy. Al

d melodies to express her anger.

Edward was stunned by Daisy's unanticipated solo performance, that's why he forgot to push away Jessica immediately. He didn't know that Daisy was so good at playing the piano. She gave him such pleasant surprises every so often in their relationship. Edward wondered how many delightful surprises awaited him. His own imagination overcame him.

So when he realized the tonal shift in her music, he understood the reason instantly. The woman was angry at him now. Thinking about this, he gave a broad smile and unflinchingly pushed Jessica off of him. Edward did not want to be butchered by Daisy's sharp notes, which might happen if this went on any longer.

Edward wasn't the only one shaken by Daisy's music. Everyone present was overwhelmed by her breezy yet stern, subtle yet sublime tunes. When she finally finished her song, Daisy gently smiled and stepped off the stage cautiously. The mellow aura still lingered on people's ears. By the time she approached Edward, thunderous applause was exploding from every corner of the room. Every man in the room stared at Edward with obvious envy, feeling jealous that they didn't have a gifted woman like Daisy.

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