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   Chapter 336 Scheming Edward

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"Mr. Mu, a toast in the spirit of good cooperation! I never imagined that Daisy is your wife. She is an excellent officer in our army. We're on the same side and we should support each other, ha, ha! " toasted the Army Commander. He downed his drink with one gulp. The implication in his words revealed that he was indeed a mighty and smart leader. After all, an average man wouldn't reach his status.

"Thanks, Army Commander. I also consider my wife excellent in every aspect. It seems that we have the same view on that, " said Edward. Of course, Edward, a scheming businessperson, could read between the lines. He understood what the Army Commander was implying. So he got the hint and continued.

"Ha, ha! You're living up to your status as an elite in the city, considerate and thoughtful. Don't worry! She's always been one of the most powerful and efficient officers on base, " said the Army Commander. He thought, 'Edward looks prettier than most women, but he doesn't behave like a woman. Instead of beating about the bush, he is negotiating with me in a different way. Every line he said seems simple and normal, but he was hinting his purpose. And I couldn't say no to him. He is really crafty.'

"That's very nice of you. You've given your word, then I have nothing to worry about, '' replied Edward. He put on a meaningful smile on his face when his purpose was understood by the Army Commander. He thought, 'The Army Commander is clever. I thought there would be a lot of talking. But he is wise enough to make the conversation easier. I like to talk with intelligent people, because I can get what I want a lot quicker. Meaningless talk is just a waste of time.'

On the other hand, Daisy frowned and was a bit confused. She failed to follow their way of talking and thinking. She felt that there was a hidden meaning behind their words. When she tried to figure out what they were talking about a moment ago, they seemed to turn to another topic. In fact, the rest felt the same way. Edward and the Army Commander talked as if they were good friends who had known each other for a long time. In fact, it was the first time they had met. The words meant more than they said.

"Commander, a toast to you! Thanks for your caring and help to my wife all these years, " said Edward sincerely. Some time ago, he had overheard Daisy talking with the Commander on the phone. He knew that the Commander truly cared about Daisy. Therefore, Edward sincerely respected him.

"Mr. Mu, you're welcome. Daisy is a talent, I'm just a talent scout. I don't take the credit for her success and honors. She has earned them the hard way, " replied the commander. He appreciated the sophisticated way Edward dealt with people. He understood the implied meaning, so he had to be very cautious when he talked with such a scheming man like Edward. Or he would be screwed.

Edward was amused. He realized that the commander must have known exac

aisy in public. In his mind, Edward had always resisted baring his heart in public. When did Edward change? But Tom didn't want to jump to conclusions. He remembered that Edward punched him the night before.

"Tom, you're here. I thought you were in your lab again, " said Leena. At the beginning of the party, she was with Mr. Cold and others. But they had to socialize with their business partners. Even Edward's mother went to talk with her friends. Leena was left alone. Therefore Leena was very happy to see Tom and Rain.

"Hi! Leena, why are you alone? Aren't you married?" asked Tom. He looked up and found no one with Leena. He frowned deeply.

"Tom, I'm sorry I didn't tell you I got married, " apologized Leena. Shy, she stuck out her tongue at him. She felt embarrassed and sorry for not telling him about her marriage in person. After all, Tom was like one of the family, who always lavished their affection and time on her.

"What? You're sorry? How could you have the nerve to marry a man shortly without telling us first. What if he is a bad guy!" asked Tom. He was shocked when he heard the news. He couldn't imagine such a lovely and good girl would get married so quietly and quickly. It was not like Leena at all.

"Yeah, I know he's not! Tom. I'm not stupid! I'm too smart to be cheated. Don't worry, " replied Leena. With a forced smile on her face, she was crying inside, ' Why? Why does everyone keep asking about my marriage? Is Kevin really that bad? He seems to be unwelcome and unlikable.'

At the thought of Kevin, she looked around and tried to find out where he was. She thought, 'Kevin hasn't come back for me since he went to greet the officers. Does he get stuck on the way here? Or has he totally forgotten me? No, that's impossible! Even if I'm not the one he loves, I'm his wife. I must mean something to him, right?' At the thought of this, her heart sank. The smile on her face suddenly wavered and disappeared.

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