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   Chapter 335 Till Death Do Us Part (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5481

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He said he loved Daisy, till death do them part. What a firm promise! But it was not for Jessica. He gave the words to another woman. He even didn't care a bit about Jessica. She touched her belly, and wondered what else she had to do to win this excellent man back. Because he seemed not interested in her anymore. He had paid no attention to the child in her womb, let alone acknowledged the child was his.

'Edward, why do you hurt me like this? In fact, I don't want much from you. I do not imagine you would really love me. I only want to continue to stay with you. But you give all your heart to another woman. You don't even respond to my pleading. You love Daisy wholeheartedly. But have you ever thought of me for one second?' Jessica cried in her heart.

Among the guests, another person who had the same reaction as Jessica was Hank. His face grew pale, too. He had never imagined that Daisy was the wife of the CEO of FX International Group. Then the letter he managed to send to the leaders was a false accusation. Thinking of this, he lost his cool. Because if they found that he was the person who sent the letter, he would face a loss of rank, or even worse, being expelled from the army. He would really be doomed by Jessica's tricks. She told him that she was married to Edward, but it was complete bullshit, Hank thought. But wasn't it too late for him to realize this? Because the misunderstanding and mistake were already made.

Now he finally came to understand why Daisy would drive that luxurious car into the army base without any fears that her car would be mistaken as bribe. Because with the wealth of FX Inter

nned all army officers present.

"Mr. Mu, you're very modest. We are the people who should say thanks for your generous financing." The Army Commander's loud and clear voice matched his manner as a soldier. It was the first time he had met with Edward, so he acted very politely. He didn't dare to underestimate Edward who smiled broadly. Because he knew that though the man was smiling, an iron hand might be hidden in a velvet glove. So he felt the need to be cautious when dealing with Edward.

"Every citizen has a responsibility to support the country's military. I only did what I should do within my ability. Don't be too polite. For our good partnership, I propose a toast!" Edward said while taking the glass of wine from the waiter. He knew how to handle it appropriately. He was neither very hospitable nor very indifferent to them. Instead, he kept his graceful manner all the time. As a business man, he never acted on impulse without due consideration. So this time he used his intelligence and wisdom to deal with this group of people seriously. It was what he was good at.

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