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   Chapter 334 Till Death Do Us Part (Part One)

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Daisy walked gracefully to the center of the stage, appearing in all her glory. Probably because she was a soldier, the heroic spirit shown in her firm gaze added an imposing and intimidating touch to her appearance. Standing next to Edward who was handsome and fascinating, Daisy looked like a perfect match for him. The lady was graceful while the man was handsome, the couple were made for each other.

When Leo and Yakira arrived at the hotel, they happened to see Edward and Daisy appear on the stage with the cheering of the crowd. But their thoughts and reactions were different. One was smiling with delight, the other was sneering with contempt and hatred. Although Leo felt suspicious of Yakira after he saw the document Luke had shown to him, he didn't completely believe it. There wasn't enough evidence in the papers to convince him.

Looking at the noble and gorgeous Daisy, Yakira flashed a vicious smile in her eyes. She didn't expect she would be transformed into a gorgeous beauty from a normal girl in these years. What vexed her most was that Daisy received Edward's love and affection, and this was all the more insufferable to her, who was intolerant of anything from Daisy. She was extremely upset.

Daisy seldom smiled, but today, she had a gentle smile on her face all the time. Though the smile wasn't obvious, it added a soft touch to her usual cold demeanor. During the whole process of giving the award, she left a good impression on all the employees as an approachable person, without any trace of arrogance.

"Colonel Ouyang, on this special day, do you have anything to say to all the guests here?" Daisy had thought that the award ceremony was over, and she could finally escape from being the focus of every guest's attention now. Aaron's su

nd I am not going to explain it today. What I want to say now is only this, that I love her, till death do us part!"

Edward said while looking affectionately into her eyes. Edward's sudden confession made Daisy blush immediately. She was surprised that a noble, arrogant and dignified man as Edward would say such passionate and sweet words to her in public.

At the same time, she thanked him for not mentioning the fact that she was once abandoned by him in public. He took all the blame by saying that it was his personal factors that caused no one to know about their marriage. She appreciated him for this. Because she didn't want their marriage to become the topic of gossip. This was the least she would expect. He knew what she was thinking about, so Daisy really felt very grateful to him.

Jessica's face was more ghastly pale than it had ever been. It turned out that what Daisy said the other day was true. It was real when she said she was married to Edward. It was not a random excuse she used to cheat her. This realization deprived her of her last hope for getting Edward back. And the confidence she had finally built up fell to pieces when she heard Edward's words.

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