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   Chapter 333 Daughters and Dead Fish Are No Keeping Wares (Part Two)

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"Ha-ha Aunt Cynthia, don't you know that he has a psychological defect? Something is missing in him." Rain playfully teased Duke, but he didn't expect he would also offend Jonathan, who looked at him coldly.

"What is he missing, Rain?" Leena asked quizzically. She was curious now, not entirely understanding it was a joke.

"Well, he..." Ah! Rain realized that he shouldn't say that. How could he forget that Jonathan was here? Jonathan's cold stare shut him down, A look from the man would stress anyone out.

"Hi! I'm Belinda." If Belinda listened to their conversation and still didn't know who they were, she must be a fool. She just couldn't figure out why Edward's parents looked so young. If she hadn't known that Edward had no siblings, she would have thought they were Edward's brother and sister.

"Hi, Belinda. I remember when I saw you last time, you were still a tiny little girl. I didn't expect you to be so capable now. I heard you married Duke. Welcome to the family." Cynthia knew what kind of person Jonathan was. Apart from her, he would not look at any women who greeted them, regardless of their age. So, for those who greeted them, she would tactfully handle them alone.

"That's right. We were thinking how we could convince them to be together. But they still got married without our help." Sherry Ai liked Duke very much. She had worried that an excellent man like Duke wouldn't like Belinda. After all, Belinda was a hot-tempered girl. Their marriage was no doubt a big surprise for her.

"Mom..." Belinda glared at her mother shyly. She didn't know why her mother had to tell other peop

. Leena felt so shy that she had to bury her head in Kevin's chest to avoid the?attention?of the guests. This move made people smile even more, so she?had to bury her head?further. Could she be any more embarrassed?

Kevin chuckled and put his arm around Leena's waist. He felt so surprised that?such a lively and cheerful girl would?be so shy. Seeing her falling into his arms so naturally, Kevin ?felt so conflicted. He worried that he would never be able to forget Daisy and fall in love with this lovely little girl.

He had already told himself more than once that he was married to?Leena. He should not pay any attention to Daisy. However, he couldn't easily forget her, since he had carried a torch for her for so long. Now he felt that he was sucked into a giant?maelstrom. He wanted to get out but didn't know how to forget these kinds of feelings. Every time he came up for air, his feelings would wash over him in a big wave, threatening to drown him. That's why he felt so helpless, not knowing how to deal with all that. Sometimes it seemed the maelstrom might win.

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