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   Chapter 332 Daughters and Dead Fish Are No Keeping Wares (Part One)

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"I'm not mad. It's your life, and I can't make choices for you. Your happiness is what matters." Duke was cold to everyone, but never to Leena. No matter how bad her actions made him feel, he would bear it alone, and would not make her feel bad.

"Duke, I am so sorry! I promise I will be happy." Hearing what Duke had said, Leena smiled with joy, and jumped into his arms like a spoiled child, which made Kevin feel better. He didn't want to drive Duke and Leena apart. That wasn't why he married her, and he knew she wouldn't be happy if that happened.

Duke gently pinched her pink face, the way he always did. But he still stared at Kevin with a stony face. Although Duke didn't blame Leena for not telling him in advance, he couldn't accept that Leena would marry Kevin, so he still was very angry when he saw the soldier.

Kevin could certainly understand why Duke was so angry with him, so he was ready to take the heat before he got there. He didn't react to Duke's rudeness either. If he were Duke, he'd be angry too. He totally understood and accepted it.

Belinda rolled her eyes at Duke, and thought this guy was so vindictive. Even though Kevin married his baby sister without his consent, he shouldn't be like he was suffering bitterly and nursing some seriously deep hatred. Besides, didn't she marry him because of his dirty tricks? Then, was she supposed to be unfriendly just like him?

After being teased by Belinda, Rain said nothing more but simply watched them. Sometimes it seemed the atmosphere was tense, but it was actually happy. Feelings of loneliness overcame him then. He thought, did Annie really not love him? Was that why Annie left him? Annie

matter how beautiful I am, I still can't compare to you. Am I right, Uncle Jonathan?" Leena playfully took Cynthia's arm and looked at Jonathan with a smile. There was a sense of mischievousness in her bright eyes.

"Ha-ha! It looks like my daughter can only see you, not me. I've been here for a while and look -- she totally ignores me." Lloyd joked. He laughed heartily, which was totally different than Duke. Unlike Lloyd, Duke was a very aloof person. For those who didn't know them, they didn't seem like father and son at all.

"Dad, I am not ignoring you. It is only polite to greet them first. You're not jealous, are you?" As soon as she heard her father making fun of her, she hugged him with a sweet smile on her face.

"Dad, mom, you're here. Uncle Jonathan; Aunt Cynthia. Long time no see. I can't believe you're still as young as ever." Duke still seemed to ignore his dad. He only greeted his in-laws and Edward's parents.

"Ah! It seems that you are getting more and more aloof, just like your Uncle Jonathan." Sometimes Cynthia thought Duke was her son, otherwise, how could he be like Jonathan?

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