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   Chapter 331 Mrs. Mu

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There were many guests present at the ceremony. Besides the elites from various industries, the entertainers of FX International Group were the most dramatic. Dressed to kill, they drew the admiring gazes of men and aroused jealousy in women.

Then some military officers showed up at the ceremony too, which had never happened before. They were no ordinary soldiers. The epaulettes on their uniform told people that they were of high military rank. Their appearance provoked speculation. People were wondering if FX International Group had gotten into huge trouble.

Kevin was surprised to see these officers. He wasn't informed that any officers were coming to the ceremony. He wondered whether they had been invited or they were here for the matter concerning Daisy. His heart grew heavy. Then he nodded to the people beside him and walked quickly toward the officers.

"Army Commander, Commander, why are you here?" Kevin said to his two superiors and then nodded to the other officers. He frowned at seeing Hank among them and wondered why the commander had brought him along.

"Hello, Kevin. Fancy seeing you here. I was just wondering why your commander didn't keep you, the dark horse, at his side. It turns out that you got here ahead of us. I heard that you did a great job in the war games." The Army Commander was much younger than the Commander. They were of the same military rank and their posts sounded similar. But the Army Commander led the group army while the Commander commanded an army base of the group army. So there was an essential distinction between their posts.

"Thank you, sir. It's the outcome of the concerted team work of the soldiers. I'm just a member of the team." Neither the Army Commander nor the Commander answered Kevin's question. Underneath his superficial calmness, he became worried. He kept casting looks at the Commander, hoping he could give him a hint.

"Kevin, you are being modest. Your father hopes you can go back to the capital city. What do you think?" The Army Commander looked around and wondered why the CEO of FX International Group invited them to the ceremony. When they were negotiating about the sponsorship for military equipment, Edward didn't engage in it at all. During the whole process it was Mr. Rain that had negotiated with them on behalf of Edward.

As to the reason why they were invited here, the Commander was confused too. That morning, he had just heard that the CEO of FX International Group was Daisy's husband. An invitational phone call came before he could report the news to his superior. He saw Kevin's inquiring eyes, but he had to shrug to indicate that he was clueless.

"I talked with my father about it. I prefer to stay in the city, " Kevin replied. In the capital city, people would only regard him as the son of some authority. If he stayed here, he would be away from that atmosphere, be himself, and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

"Ow, really? Your father will be disapp

t on the guests.

Edward gloated inwardly over the dress he had picked out for Daisy. The white color and her aloofness blended well in a distinctive style on her. Instead of innocence which white color usually reminded people of, it now set her cold gorgeousness off to advantage, mixed with her uncompromising and heavenly temperament. Edward was stunned at her charm.

Before they set off, Daisy wasn't informed that tonight was the anniversary ceremony of FX International Group. She was confused when Edward asked her to put on this beautiful dress. When Tom and Leena indicated that they would see her at night, she was really puzzled. So she had refused to put it on until Edward explained the reason to her. Aaron's introduction had shattered her plan to stay low-key. All eyes were on her now. She was even more nervous than when she was facing tens of thousands of soldiers.

"Mrs. Mu is not only the wife of the CEO, her other role will make the teenage girls scream in excitement. We all know that there's a young legendary female colonel in the city, who is an idol to many young women. However, since the colonel always keeps a low profile, few have seen her. She is our mystery, our urban legend. People talk about her all the time. Tonight, this mysterious colonel is right here -- Mrs. Mu! Now let's warmly welcome the CEO and his lovely wife to award the prize to the model employees.

People started applauding them as soon as Aaron finished the sentence. Meanwhile, someone was deeply frustrated and resented Daisy even more.

Unusually, Justin behaved himself today. He looked here and there. Hearing Aaron say his parents were going to confer awards, he let go of his dad's hand and ran toward his grandparents. Edward and Daisy were a little bewildered. Seeing the guests around them, they looked at each other and smiled, which was caught by the media at the scene. They started taking pictures eagerly, making the affectionate smiles everlasting, immortalized.

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