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   Chapter 330 Are You Jealous (Part Two)

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Belinda was about to say something, but she suddenly stopped because something more interesting caught her eye. She saw Leena walk into the venue with a tall and handsome man. Both she and Duke were surprised that Leena suddenly married this man without telling them beforehand, and Duke kept nagging her, enraged about this. But Belinda never actually met Leena's husband until tonight, and she felt it strange to hear Duke's constant complaining about someone she didn't even know! She just had to get to know this guy first, for he was able to piss off Duke, the iceberg famous for his apathy.

Leena was an edgy fashion designer with excellent taste in clothing and accessories.The wardrobes she had chosen for Kevin and herself perfectly matched. The pink dress made Leena's skin tone look fair and smooth. Pink was a color adored by women because it was light and tender, symbolizing both innocence and elegance. It was similar to white, but much lovelier, and suited people with fair white skin tone. Leena knew about colors; she also knew what suited her best. Her choice was great; she looked stunning in that pink dress.

To go with her dress, Leena picked a slim-cut navy blue suit for Kevin. He was tall and masculine, and Leena was petite and lovely. They made a great couple. Kevin didn't know much about fashion, for he barely had the chance to wear anything besides his uniform. He trusted Leena because it was her area of expertise. He glanced at his own suit and was once again convinced that Leena had a great taste.

ere. Therefore, he assumed they knew each other because of their husbands. Thinking of that, Kevin was more friendly to Belinda.

"Haha! I'm just asking. You don't have to give a serious answer like that." Belinda was amused by Kevin's words. She covered her mouth and chuckled. She was no journalist; why did he praise Daisy like he was in a press conference?

Kevin realized he got emotional, so he smiled awkwardly to Belinda. Maybe he was used to praising Daisy. He overreacted every time when it came to Daisy. He wasn't sure if it was a good behavior.

"Brother, are you still mad at me?" Leena had been studying Duke's face ever since she saw him. But to her surprise, her brother didn't look at her at all. Leena felt her heart being torn apart. Duke used to love her so much, for she was his only darling sister. Leena knew it and she loved her brother. Leena knew she would lose a lot of precious things in her life if she and her brother continued fighting like this, which was the last thing she ever wanted.

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