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   Chapter 329 Are You Jealous (Part One)

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"Yo! I was wondering who are engaging in a public display of affection here. Edward and Daisy aren't here yet; isn't it too early to steal the spotlight?" Rain casually approached Duke and Belinda and teased them with his eyebrows raised. He was wearing a gray suit, exquisitely tailored.

Rain had been calling Annie ever since she disappeared after that night. He felt distressed when her family told him that she wanted to be left alone for a while. He finally stopped trying to track her down. He believed that Annie would come back to him if she really loved him! And he would wait patiently until she did. The earth is round. Even though they parted here and headed different ways, they would eventually meet again someday somewhere if they were meant to be together. If Annie didn't love him, there would be no point in finding her. We can't force people to love us. And there would only be endless sorrow and pain for people who were thrown together in a loveless relationship.

"What? Are you jealous?" Duke retorted sourly, rolling his eyes. 'What's wrong with him? Can't he see that I'm in the middle of a conversation with my wife? What's he doing here?' Duke was annoyed.

"Yes! I'm jealous to death! Okay, I'll leave you two alone and spread my charm over there. Go back to whatever you were doing." Rain put on a devil-may-care smile in front of everyone, but he was breaking down inside. It seemed every one of his friends had someone to love, someone who loved them, except for him!

"Fuck off! No wonder Annie left you! Look at yourself, fluttering around like a butterfly!" Duke was pissed. He was in the middle of something really romantic and intimate with B

t attack!

"Do you two have to act like this? She is just a tiny bit plus-sized, with heavy make-up, and a unique style. Everything else seems fine!" Belinda held back the urge to burst into laughter and blurted out random sentences with a serious tone. The corners of her lips were twitching because she really wanted to laugh out loud.

"Belinda, are you serious? Do you even know what you are saying? Plus-sized? She's twice as big as I am! Just imagine how much pressure she's putting on the earth. And look at her make-up! We're at a party, not the theater! And what else? Oh, a unique style? Listen to yourself! I didn't say fat is ugly, but does she have to wear a skin-tight dress like that? You know what? I'm terrified by the thought that her dress will pop open any second!"

Rain blurted out without stopping, in the end, he even shivered violently.

Duke felt exactly the same. He cast a curious look at Belinda, wondering what was wrong with her. She sounded calm and sincere as she described the woman just now, as if the woman was just some plain and ordinary female rather than a hideous monster.

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