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   Chapter 328 Soul of Tears

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6419

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As night fell, the Kate Hotel started being filled with celebrities. The upper-class ladies were all dressed to kill and constantly evaluating each other's luxurious attire. After glancing around the large crowd of elite men present, the rich girls instantly knew their backgrounds and assets quite well. Keen on finding the perfect match for themselves, they desperately wanted to earn the favor of the certain rich men who were known for their handsome looks and financial status. But none of them had shown up yet, even when the party started. No wonder the women were a bit disappointed.

While the women hunted for the perfect husband, the men were glancing around to check the female party guests. They were all dazzled at the sight of Jessica who wore a long revealing gown. Her big breasts aroused their wildest fantasies. They had been longing to get an eyeful of her curvy figure for a long time. But with Edward at her side, they dared not stare at her. Today, they could finally feast their eyes on her. Despite how attracted they were, no man stepped forward to flirt with her. After all, Edward hadn't announced their break-up. They didn't want to cross Edward and risk their company for a woman. So they remained in place and continued fantasizing without taking any action.

Seeing Jessica in the limelight made Mary huff angrily. She intentionally chose an elegant and conservative dress to impress Edward, but every man's eyes were glued on Jessica's captivating figure. Not even the slightest bit of attention shifted to her. It seemed her orthodox outfit was her biggest mistake tonight.

In contrast to Mary's regret, Jessica was quite delighted with all the attention. As if on purpose, she stroked the precious 'Soul of Tears' necklace several times around her neck. It was a present from Edward. She wanted to wear the necklace as a reminder of her place in Edward's heart. She smiled and moved g

. What was he trying to prove?

"Have I ever told you that you're a terrible liar?" Duke fixed his cold eyes on her. He had had enough of her surly and odd behavior in the past several days. He wanted to discuss their problems, instead of pushing them aside.

"You have to let me go first." Noticing that they were gaining some attention, Belinda was embarrassed to stay in Duke's arms. After all, only close friends knew about their marriage. She didn't want to make their relationship public and become the topic of gossip in S City.

"What if I say no?" Duke looked up, meeting the women's shocked eyes. They should be surprised. After all, he never flirted with or approached any woman, let alone display his affections in public.

"If you want to be tomorrow's headline, then hold me as long as you want." Knowing how much Duke hated exposure, Belinda used it against him.

"I wouldn't care about being on the news if you're with me." Duke curled his lips into a mischievous smile, winning the hearts of all the women present. Duke was no less popular than Edward, but nobody ever flirted with him due to his indifference. No matter how many women wanted him, his cold eyes instantly extinguished any idea about approaching him. They wouldn't even dare talk to him.

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