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   Chapter 327 It's You Mary

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It was bound to be a remarkable night in S City tonight. All the senior executives from different companies gathered in the most luxurious Kate Hotel to attend the anniversary ceremony of the FX International Group. The exceptionally grand occasion was unprecedented in S City. It was the most important business party wherein businessmen could seize the opportunity to create numerous hidden business opportunities. Many people felt lucky and excited about attending the ceremony, because in the next second, the chance of being a millionaire could fall for them.

The Kate Hotel belonged to the FX International Group and was the only six-star hotel in S City. It occupied a land of 300 acres, adjacent to a diversified virgin?forest park. The surrounding area was a variety of shops and commercial office buildings. The transportation in the vicinity was very convenient. The hotel boasted of spacious and brightly lit hotel rooms, along with the unique combination of European concept and Chinese style in interior design. The hotel left a deep impression on its guests with its grandeur, while simultaneously making them feel at home. The guests could also enjoy the convenient communication, audio-visual entertainment system, and wireless broadband network.

Beautiful ladies and luxurious cars were typical for any party. When the sunset gradually faded from the horizon and the street lights began to light up the sky, luxurious cars swarmed in. As the acting CEO of the Lin Group, Jessica was among the guest list. In the past, she always walked haughtily in her high heels while holding Edward's arm as they entered the hotel. But this time, she came alone and kept a low profile.

Due to the pregnancy, her waist had become a little round. But it hadn't affected her overall attractive image. She intentionally chose a strapless evening dress that made her figure look more impressive, especially her plump breasts. Her alluring breasts danced along with her pace, as if they would fall out any time. Jessica triggered all the men's imagination with her slip skirt. Glimpses of her legs underneath gave a hint of sexy appeal with her every step. It was unquestionable that such a gorgeous woman would be a stunner in the eyes of men.

Standing at the entrance of Kate Hotel, she had to take a deep breath to conceal her abjection. What a ridiculous turn of events! At the same time last year, she swaggered past all the women that Edward had abandoned before. But now, she was the one thrown out of the game. She couldn't accept this fact.

"Oh! Who might this be? It turns out to be the famous Jessica Lin! " As soon as Jessica paused at the entrance, someone's mocking voice rang loudly. Jessica inadvertently frowned and wondered who would be so bold as to intentionally add insult to injury.

"Oh, it's you, Mary." Jessic

ecame furious at the news.

'Edward, how dare you hurt my sister and bring your lover to such an important occasion? This is a big insult to her. Do you really think that she has no one to back her in her family, that you can willfully break her heart? Don't forget that I'm here to support her. No matter what happens, I will never let you hurt her, ' Brian thought in rage.

"Who knows? This is only hearsay. But one thing's for sure, Mr. Mu really loves the woman. Otherwise, how could he change to a completely different person? Besides, it's been a long time since the last time there was news about him with a woman. Maybe this woman will become his wife because they have a son." The gossip continued, while Brian had completely lost his cool. His handsome and bright face was flaming with rage.

That bastard. It seemed that Edward was treating his sister as if she was invisible. How dare he keep such a dirty affair with another woman! He's gone too far. Besides, wasn't Daisy a female soldier? Why would she keep silent at such a vicious man's insult? Wasn't sabotaging a military marriage a criminal offense? Why would Daisy let Edward bring his lover and his lovechild into their home and not do anything about it?

Brian smiled painfully at the thought. It seemed that god didn't bless good people. Otherwise, why would he make his sister endure so much sadness and pain? No wonder she was reluctant to recognize him that day. She probably didn't want him to know about her painful life. That was why she had firmly stated that she didn't know him.

Brian closed his eyes in agony. When he opened them again, there was firm determination in his eyes. He couldn't help Daisy to get out of her distressful life in the past, but from now on, Brian would officially declare war against Edward. He'd better not die soon, Brian would definitely make his life full of surprises.

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