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   Chapter 326 I Have Better Things To Do

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The Mu's changed plans because Leena suddenly joined them. Daisy had a fever last night, and Edward didn't want to wear her out by doing too much walking. After Leena had picked up a suit for Kevin, instead of continuing their shopping excursion, they found a cafe to rest, which was exactly what Justin wanted.

"How do you feel? Are you tired?" As soon as they sat down, Edward asked worriedly, face full of concern. It looked like he really cared about Daisy.

"I'm okay. I'm not a fragile doll. I am a soldier, okay?" Daisy wouldn't be a fearless colonel in the army if she was easily beaten by a small fever. Everyone in the army was iron-blooded, including Daisy herself.

"What's wrong, sis? Are you sick? Did you get Tom to have a look? Tell you what, Tom is a genius doctor!" Leena noticed Daisy's pale face right after she saw her, but she thought it might be due to the lighting in the mall. It turned out Daisy was not feeling well!

"Yes. I'm fine now, thanks to Tom." When she mentioned Tom's name, Daisy suddenly blushed. Memories of seducing Edward that morning flashed through her mind. She became a little nervous as if everyone knew what she had done.

Edward immediately picked up on what Daisy was thinking about as he saw her rosy cheeks. It was the very first time that Daisy had ever tried to seduce him! Damn Tom, barging in on them! And Daisy wouldn't let him continue even if he had driven Tom away. Edward swore that he would make Tom pay for that.

"Right? Tom is famous for his excellent medical skills. You can trust him! But geniuses are always unpredictable; he chooses his own patients rather than the other way around." Leena complained to Daisy with a frown. Tom wouldn't care if his patient was the mayor as long as he didn't feel like treating anyone. But Leena guessed Tom acted like this because he could! However, Leena was surprised that Tom had never turned down Edward, and he almost showed up instantly after Edward called him. How peculiar!

"Really? I'm flattered." Daisy had only met Tom twice, including last night. So she had no idea how brilliant a doctor Tom was. She used to think he was just one of Edward's friends who happened to be a doctor. But he seemed so gentle and approachable. Was he really unpredictable like Leena said?

"He should be flattered. He got the chance to meet a colonel. Not something that happens every day, " snorted Edward coldly. He hadn't forgiven Tom for interrupting his romantic moment with Dais

'Does it really hurt that much? I didn't kick him that hard.' Daisy just wanted to give him some punishment for flirting with her in public; she didn't mean to injure him.

Edward froze as he heard Daisy's words. Why did his wife constantly pick on him today? Was she bored of him? That probably explained her strange behavior.

"Woman, are you trashing me?" Edward narrowed his eyes, which was a sign of danger; his eyes glowed with a spark of rage. Maybe he was too good to Daisy lately, and she seemed to forget who she was!

"I'm not trashing you. I'm just ignoring you. Come on, aren't we leaving? Or do you want me to kick you again?" Ignoring Edward's warning, Daisy retorted with a smirk and walked away without any hesitation. She would have been intimidated by his devilish look; however, he didn't scare her anymore! She knew he wouldn't do anything to her no matter how angry he got. And the reason was simple: Because he loved her.

"Haha!" Justin snickered while casting a sensitive look at his father. 'Don't blame me, daddy. If I side with you, mommy will definitely punish me and have me do 100 push-ups! Sorry!' Justin stuck his tongue out and hurried to follow Daisy.

Edward finally understood that he had been abandoned by both his wife and his son. Seeing them walk towards the front gate without even looking back at him, Edward felt distressed. Were they so sure that he would follow without any complaint? And yes, of course he would. But that was not the point! Eventually, Edward smiled while shaking his head, and quickly strode forward to keep up with them. He had no choice but to give in, because he loved them too much.

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