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   Chapter 325 Do As Mrs. Mu Said

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Although Daisy asked the sales clerks in the mall to ignore her and Edward and go back to their normal work, the clerks wouldn't leave them alone. They were Edward's employees, so it was his thoughts and orders that mattered most to them.

"Do as Mrs. Mu said. Get back to work, " Edward said softly. He understood that since he scarcely ever turned up in the mall, the employees got nervous to see him there. So he didn't act bossy today. He almost never insulted his employees, because he thought that would mean that he was a lousy manager.

"Yes, Mr. Mu." As the CEO of FX International Group, Edward was extremely well-mannered, but overbearing as well. Few people dared look him in the eye, let alone his employees. With Edward's permission, the sales clerks went back to work. They felt overwhelmed by his bearing.

Daisy stood there quietly, tender eyes fixed on Edward. Just as she had surprised Edward, she had found her husband had many surprising sides as well. She had always thought that the rich and famous tended to look down on ordinary people. She discovered that Edward wasn't one of them. He treated everybody equally and thought of himself as nothing but a commoner. He didn't discriminate against anyone. These were his merits and they appealed to her strongly.

Looking at the fashionable clothes that she designed herself, Leena couldn't help smiling. LN was a fashion brand Leena created. As a rising new star in the fashion world, it had enjoyed global popularity in two years' time, standing alongside other popular brands. It was lauded for its originality and keen insight in fashion, enjoying a high reputation among European aristocrats. It had been taken as a great example of the brands which were all the rage at the time in fashion industry.

One thing that made Leena stand out as a designer was that besides ladies' wear, she also designed menswear for cultivated tastes, suitable for many different occasions. Leena was confident in her designs and decided to pick a dress of her own design for the party tonight. There were several styles of menswear that fitted Kevin perfectly. With his outstanding appearance, he would look smart and dashing in them.

"Leena, are you picking out suits for Kevin?" Seeing her wandering about in the menswear zone, Daisy came over. She was

ch easier if I just went through you, "

Edward said approvingly, leaning on the counter and looking enchanting. He had engaged in the negotiation for the agency himself. He had been curious about the designer. He had wondered who could be so important as to make him put everything aside for his or her luxury brand. Because of either its high quality or the good materials it used, LN's price was rather high, higher than its like products. Hence, it was considered a luxury brand.

"Oh. How did Duke know? I didn't tell a soul." Leena frowned in confusion. She had been happy that she had done a good job hiding it from everybody. But now it seemed Duke had already known about her secret for some time.

"He knows that you've created your own fashion brand, but he doesn't know it is LN. He will be thrilled if he knows it's such a well-known brand. He's always proud of you."

Edward could imagine how happy Duke would be if he knew about it. He always took pride in Leena. He was more of a father to her than a big brother. He spoiled her so much that he became a different person around her. If Leena hadn't gone abroad to study fashion design, he would still be her overprotective brother.

"I was considering giving him a surprise in a few days. Leena patted her chest as she was saying this. Seeing her movement, Justin rolled his eyes at her and thought it childish and stupid. 'God, how could you let a befuddled and evil woman like Leena become a fashion designer? Maybe you are just as muddled as she is, ' Justin thought.

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