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   Chapter 324 Wow You're Ignorant (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5811

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"Yes, I am quite the simpleton. So would you please tell me how should I address you when you call my mommy 'sis'?" Justin wouldn't give up easily. He was quite confident when it came to debating. After all, he learned from the master - his father.

"Seriously? Sis, what's wrong with your son today? Why does he keep asking stupid questions?" Leena asked as she reached her hand down to feel Justin's forehead. Ignoring Justin's grumpy look, Leena withdrew her hand and touched her face while muttering, "That's strange! You don't have a fever. Why do you keep speaking nonsense?"

"I'm perfectly healthy! You're the one losing your mind!" Justin was completely speechless at Leena's chaotic thoughts. He had decided he'd better team up with his daddy and stay away from her in the future, in case she caught him off-guard again.

"Just ignore her. She needs to be taught a lesson lately." Trying to suppress the urge to burst into laughter, Edward casually comforted his son. Who would believe that Justin could be bested by a girl? 'Leena must be as sly as me! And that's why Justin always treats her like his arch enemy!' Edward was actually quite impressed.

"Edward, I can hear you. I know you're trying to soothe his butthurt, but do you really have to say that out loud? What have I ever done to you? Jeez!" retorted Leena sourly with a pout. His words hurt her feelings.

"What have you done? Do you really have to ask? You drugged Belinda, and you got married without telling us! You tell me whether you deserve to be taught a lesson or not!" Edward narrowed his eyes dangerously. 'Now be careful with your answer.' Edward thought to himself.

"Well... You've made them sound really wrong." Leena would never admit that

to take a break, since Justin's sullen face was also super adorable!

Once again stepping into LN shop, Daisy was surprised to find the style of the collection had changed. It seemed less teenagery and more elegant. The turn was delicate and the two elements emerged well in the new collection of this season. Daisy thought the designer must have experienced some kind of spiritual baptism and matured overnight.

"Hello, Mr. Mu and Mrs. Mu. We have some new arrivals of this season. Would you like to try on?" The shopping assistant immediately walked up to them and greeted them politely as she saw them step in. It was the same girl that Daisy had met before. She could clearly remember Daisy. How could she ever forget? She used to take Daisy as some poor girl who wouldn't be able to buy even a button in their shoppe.

"It's okay. We'll just look around on our own. You don't have to look over our shoulders." Daisy waved her hand at the girl and answered casually. It was Leena who had practically dragged her into this shop. And she made a beeline to the menswear section. 'Does Leena want to buy something for Kevin?' Daisy secretly wondered.

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