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   Chapter 323 Wow You're Ignorant (Part One)

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"Mommy, I just realized that my place in this family has reached a new low." Justin pouted and tried to make one last attempt to trick Daisy into taking him to the amusement park.

"Really? Why would you think that? It's not like that at all! You're still my sweetest baby!" Upon seeing Justin widen his watery eyes and play cute again, Daisy crouched down in front of him and pulled her loving mommy act. She knew she had been busy lately and had no time for her son. And she felt sorry about that.

"I don't believe you. Daddy is now mommy's sweetest baby, not me! Don't you like me anymore?" Justin felt so frustrated. Although he meant to hook his parents up so that he could have a loving family; but now that those two were spending more time together, Justin started to wonder whether there was any room left for him in his parents' hearts.

"Haha! Is my baby being jealous? You know what? You and daddy are both the most important men in my life. I couldn't bear to lose either one of you. Do you still think that I don't like you anymore now that I have daddy?"

Daisy wouldn't care what others thought about her, not even Edward; however, she couldn't ignore Justin's feelings. It was Justin who stayed with her to support her and make her laugh when Edward was not around. Justin was so adorable and considerate, and Daisy felt life wouldn't be that hard even if Edward didn't love her, as long as she had her baby boy. Although she was with Edward now, Justin was still her favorite.

"I'm sorry, mommy! I was just kidding! Please don't be sad!" Justin noticed the change in Daisy's look. He knew Daisy must have thought of those painful days. He didn't mean to stir things up in the first

eet you guys here! It's so great to have company so I don't have to shop alone! Hooray!" yelled Leena as she shoved Edward over and held Daisy's arm firmly. Aside from her sister-in-law, she loved Daisy the most. She had to grab every chance to cultivate their sisterhood.

"You know what? I actually feel worse after seeing you." Justin put on a long face and grumbled. He and Leena always teased each other every time they met up. They actually enjoyed this little game between them.

"What, little boy? Aren't you happy to see your auntie? Answer carefully!" Leena had always adored little boys, especially someone as cute and smart as Justin. Therefore, no matter what Justin said, she still wanted to play with him.

"What auntie? Haven't you always called yourself my sister?" Justin burst into laughter. Leena could be sly sometimes, but she was a pure and innocent young girl in nature.

"What? Don't you know? Your daddy is my big brother! Of course I'm your auntie! Didn't you learn that in school? Wow you're ignorant!" Leena snorted and shook her head violently, as if she were shocked by Justin's empty-headedness.

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