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   Chapter 322 Behave Yourself

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"Humph! Rachel, you left Duke and married someone else back then. Why would you think it's his fault now?" Edward sneered as he gazed at Rachel, his face full of contempt and sarcasm. Just like Jessica, Rachel was obviously too full of herself. Edward felt obligated to help her come back to reality.

"I admit I was too rash back then. But he also lied to me! Why would I choose someone else if he had told me that he is the heir to the Leng family?" Rachel was pissed off while thinking of this. Duke came from a wealthy family, but he never mentioned it to her. She had always thought that Duke was only one of Edward's sidekicks. That was why she left him and married a middle-aged rich guy. It was too late when she found out from the TV news that Duke was actually a prince charming, rather than a penniless beggar.

"You mean you only love Duke's money, not him?" Daisy was surprised how cheeky Rachel was. She was as self-centered and selfish as Jessica! And they both enjoyed playing with others' feelings. Daisy suddenly realized Rachel and Jessica could be best friends if they were introduced to each other.

"Mrs. Mu, are you telling me that there's pure love between you and Edward? Without any strings? Come on! I don't buy it at all. Everything comes down to money in the end!" Rachel snapped at Daisy with a sneer, her eyebrows raised in contempt. She despised Daisy. 'What a condescending bitch! Mrs. Mu? I never knew that Edward got married! How shameless she is to call herself Mrs. Mu! And look at her bastard son! How filthy! And did she just give me a lecture about love trumping everything? What an ignorant and stupid woman! Who cares about love these days? Money is the only thing that matters!' Rachel thought to herself.

"Strings? There is. And it's quite simple. I just want him. Money is not important to me since I won't be needing that much anyway. The only thing matters to me is Edward himself." Staring right into Rachel's eyes, Daisy calmly replied as she casually played with her glass. She wasn't mad at Rachel's accusation, because she knew Rachel was wrong. Not every woman cared only about money; take her for example, she just loved Edward and wanted to be with him.

Surprised, Edward turned to Daisy, his eyes glowing with excitement. Daisy had never told him this before; and he certainly didn't expect he'd get an idea of her true feelings in this conversation. Meanwhile, Edward felt even more grateful to have Daisy in his life. He had never felt more ashamed of himself until this very moment, when he finally realized how pure his wife's love for him was.

"It seems I'm being shallow here. But you know what? I don't care whether he is married; I won't give up on what belongs to me! As long as I want him, he must

ey saw Edward enter the mall. The manager soon gathered up the senior executives to greet Edward. They could still remember the last time Edward came here, and his visit didn't end up well. Hence they were extremely careful this time.

"Don't mind us. We'll just look around on our own. Go back to your work." Edward knew Daisy didn't like to be surrounded by too many people, so he told his subordinates to leave them alone.

"Yes, Mr. Mu. Have a good day." The manager figured that Daisy might be Edward's wife; but since Edward didn't introduce her, he wouldn't dare to address her 'Mrs. Mu' imprudently. He simply nodded at Daisy and Justin before stepping aside.

Edward nodded with a frown. Their inquisitive looks made him uncomfortable. He didn't told them who Daisy was because he would save the answer for tonight's party. He would proudly tell the world that Daisy was his wife. Besides, he knew Daisy didn't like to associate with strangers, so he didn't force her.

"Daddy, are we shopping? I thought we were going to the amusement park!" Justin pouted while glaring at his father with discontent. He hated it most to shop with women! And he couldn't even complain because it was his dear mother whom he was going to escort today. Justin suddenly wanted to tell them that he was tired and needed to sit there to get some rest; and when they left, he could sneak into the amusement park by himself!

"We're not! We'll listen to whatever mommy says today and go wherever she wants to go. No complaints." Edward read his son's mind. He just didn't bother to pay any attention to Justin's desire. He knew Justin would go crazy every time he was in amusement park, and he and Daisy would have to run after him in case he got hurt. The day was about making Daisy happy, so Edward immediately crossed Justin's proposal off the list.

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