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   Chapter 321 Call Me Mrs. Mu

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Daisy pursed her lips at Justin's words, but said nothing in the end. Although Justin was always cute and adorable in her presence, Daisy knew that he was just as cunning as his father. He might think that he hid it well from Daisy, but how could a mother not know her own son? But she never thought of exposing him, mostly because she enjoyed it when he made her laugh and acted cute in her arms. Daisy always felt relaxed around her son.

"Let's go. Let's have lunch first. Then you can decide what to do next." Due to his handsome face and elegant manners, Edward was always the center of attention wherever he went. Standing with an aloof beauty and an adorable little boy, Edward and his family immediately drew a lot of attention.

"Yeah! Delicious food! Daddy, you really are the worm living in my tummy; you always know what I'm thinking about! I was just thinking about food, and you said 'let's have lunch'!" Justin loved delicious food. It was his ambition to taste all the delicacies all over the world. Although he was just a little boy, Justin already knew how to appraise food. Edward was confused by this. Both he and Daisy weren't obsessive with food, he had no idea how his son turned out to be a foodie.

"I'm not a worm! That's disgusting. Just tell me what you want to eat." Edward glared at his son and walked to Daisy's side. Justin's description was disgusting. He had to keep his son at arm's length or he wouldn't be able to eat anything later.

Daisy wore a small smile as she watched her husband and son bicker with each other. Edward and Justin were her whole world. As long as she had them by her side, she wouldn't ask for anything more. She wouldn't be needing her career or her father. The only thing she really wanted was to live happily together with her beloved husband and son.

The three arrived at a fancy restaurant and ordered some food. While they waited for their dishes, a soft voice was heard, "Edward, it's you! I thought I mistook someone else for you." Surprised, they turned around to find a young beautiful woman standing beside their table.

"Hello, Rachel. I haven't seen you for a long time." Edward greeted Rachel with a frown. Rachel used to date Duke, but they suddenly broke up one day and she went abroad and got married. They had never heard from her ever since. Edward wondered why Rachel suddenly showed up. Did she come back for Duke? He could still remember how Belinda got drunk and upset the last time she saw Rachel.

"May I sit down with you?" Rachel was a bit self-centered. She only saw what she wanted to see, while she ignored the rest. At that moment, she deliberately ignored Daisy and Justin. She didn't think a woman and a child would mean anything to Edward, so she pretended not to see them.

"Sorry, you have to ask my wife. It's fine by me if she says yes." Edward's face changed. He didn't like it when people treated Daisy as if she were invisible. Rachel had crossed a line.

"Wife? You got married?" Rachel frowned in surprise and turned to the woman sitting next to Edwar

of love when they were together. Rachel was beautiful, but she was pretentious. That was the reason Edward never got along with her. When Rachel left Duke, Edward was secretly happy for his friend.

"What did you say? He's married? That's impossible! He told me that he'd love me forever!" Rachel froze in shock. Didn't Duke love her? Did he really change his mind and give up on her? Was it because of the woman she saw the other day? Rachel blanked out all of a sudden. It turned out that no one would remain in one place and wait for someone forever. Everything changed as time went by. What should she do now that he was married? She divorced her husband and came back for Duke, but it turned out that he already married another woman. Were they not meant to be together?

Upon hearing Rachel's words, Daisy looked at her in surprise. Did she misunderstand something? Rachel wasn't Edward's ex-girlfriend, but Duke's! No wonder Daisy didn't like her, she was Belinda's rival in love. Daisy wouldn't let this woman hurt her best friend. She knew what her friend had been through. She unconsciously picked on Rachel because she and Belinda had experienced the same thing.

"Miss Rachel, forgive me, but aren't you thinking too highly of yourself? Duke loved you before, but who would give up everything for a love long gone? No one would be that stupid." Edward cast a look at Daisy as he spoke calmly. Actually, Daisy was that stupid. But he was glad that she didn't give up on him, and now they were finally together. He felt extremely grateful to Daisy for loving him unconditionally all these years.

"No! You're lying! He wouldn't leave me and marry someone else!" Rachel wondered if things would be different if she stayed with Duke. She didn't stay because she thought he was poor, she dumped him. She could still remember the way he begged her to stay. But she determinedly left and married a rich guy. When she found out later that Duke wasn't a penniless man but the heir of the noble Leng family, she regretted her decision.

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