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   Chapter 320 Pledge of Eternal Love (Part Two)

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"Edward, how long will your love for me last? Will you walk out of my life someday? Will you leave me when I get old? Will you suddenly let go of my hand? Will you eventually get tired of me?"

Daisy put her hands around Edward's firm waist and held him tightly. Worried that he might have lost interest in her while he was trying to answer her questions, she kept her head down, afraid to look at him in the eye. She had gone through so many things in the past that she didn't even have enough strength left to make an effort for him. If Edward hurt her, she would fall apart.

"Honey, how little faith you have in me to think such nonsense! I admit that I was a playboy, I never deny it. But that was back when I couldn't find a place to repose my heart. I kept looking until I was lost in the world of turmoil. But I have you in my life now, and I love you. Although I can't promise you the next life, I will love only you in this life."

Edward stroked her lustrous hair gently. His intense eyes looked distant, making him seem like a wandering soul looking for security. His heart hurt deeply for the days without her, for the rotten lifestyle he once had, for the fact that he almost lost her for good, and for the insecurity at the bottom of her heart.

Some said that loving someone was easy, but it was easier said

rry, sweetie. I'm staying neutral. I'm not going to get involved in your meaningless war, " Daisy responded with a faint smile. Her affections for her family were all over her face. The joy her family gave her allowed her to temporarily forget the pressures from the military base and the pain that Leo caused.

"Mommy, how could you? You and daddy don't love me anymore." Justin pretended to be sad. His mom had always been healthy and strong. She had never gotten sick in the past no matter how tired she was. But last night, she got a fever. He didn't know what caused it. He guessed it was partly because of too much work, but mostly because she was under too much pressure. But he had no idea where the pressure was coming from. His current task wasn't to ask for her love, but to try to make his mom happy by distracting her from upsetting things. That was his goal for today.

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