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   Chapter 319 Pledge of Eternal Love (Part One)

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"Are you feeling better? I'll take you outside for a walk. It's good for your recovery," Edward said to Daisy. Shuttling back and forth between home and the military base every day, Daisy hardly had time for herself. Edward wanted her to take some time off to get a good rest.

"Outside? Isn't Justin coming over?" Daisy raised her head and looked at Edward with a hint of excitement on her face. She seldom had the chance to stroll about the streets and shop with him. Despite the military uniform, she was just an ordinary woman who looked forward to going out hand in hand with the man she loved.

"We can have the chauffeur drive him to the city center. Then I'll show you and Justin around the city. What do you think?" Edward felt guilty about leaving Daisy and Justin all alone in the past. He had missed years of taking care of Justin and fulfilling his responsibility as a father. His deep feeling of guilt had become mental shackles that he couldn't escape.

"But don't you have to go to the office today?" Daisy kept asking him about this today. Although she loved having him around, she didn't want him to put work aside for her. It wasn't her intention. All she wanted was to hold a spot in his heart. He didn't have to think about her all the time, but she wanted to be the first one he thought of at the most critical moment.

"Honey, are you worried that I won't make enough money to support you if I don't go to work?" Edward asked as he picked clothes for her. As a man with broad experience, he knew what kind of clothes suited her best.

"Humph, me? I don't ne


This was how she felt for Edward, her deep feelings from the bottom of her heart. She wasn't sure if she could love another man as humbly and firmly as she loved Edward. She didn't think it was possible. Daisy was a traditional woman, whose love was pure and innocent.

"Woman, are you reminding me of how badly I treated you in the past? Or are you trying to embarrass me?" Edward sighed and suddenly took her in his arms. He couldn't find any excuse to refute her accusations. His heart ached. He vowed, 'Daisy, I'll follow you everywhere in the future. You don't have to keep pace with me anymore."

Daisy wasn't used to being the kind of person who would play coy. But as time elapsed, she enjoyed the feeling of being embraced by Edward. His love warmed her heart. She was thankful for having this fantastic man. Unconsciously, she had become attached to the feeling of being spoiled in his arms. She realized that she had turned into a person she disliked, but what about Edward? Did he like the new her? Did he regret falling in love with her?

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