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   Chapter 318 The Anonymous Tip

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"Of course there's no reason for the Colonel to take someone's money. We know that for sure. But not everyone knows that her husband is Edward Mu, the CEO of the FX International Group. So someone just seized the opportunity to frame her and accuse her of bribery." Mark's strained voice dropped to a murmur, as if he wanted to say more, but he changed his mind.

"Fine, I'm going to the commander. Has Mr. Mu been informed of this? What is he going to do about it?" Kevin figured that Edward would fix this mess as soon as he learned of it.

"Yes, he has. Mr. Mu was informed last night. But the Colonel doesn't know that she's been suspended. He told me not tell her anything about it since she's still ill. Mr. Mu must already have a plan in action to deal with it. He told me not to worry and that he would take care of everything." Mark was still worried despite Edward's assurance. He told Kevin about the anonymous tip, hoping to know more with Kevin's help. After all, everything Mark knew was hearsay and he couldn't confirm anything he was told.

"What? She got sick? Is it serious?" Kevin asked with so much concern that Mark stared at him in confusion. 'Does he still have a crush on Colonel? Isn't he already married? Oh my god, what is this man thinking about?' Mark thought to himself.

"Don't worry. She just came down with a fever." Mark relayed what Edward told him. He had no idea what was actually going on. But he believed Edward since there was no need for Edward to lie to him.

"I see. Is the Commander in now?" Kevin looked at his watch with a frown. The commander was probably pressured by the higher officials to suspend Daisy. Otherwise, he wouldn't suspend her since Daisy was his most valuable officer.

"He's in the office. I saw him there." Since Mark had been following the development of this matter, he kept an eye on everyone involved.

Actually, the commander was surprised when he learnt of the matter. Not long ago, he reminded Daisy to be careful. He didn't expect someone to target her so soon. Even though the commander didn't believe the accusations against Daisy, he knew that Daisy must have some vulnerable points that others could capitalize on. The commander was in deep thought when Kevin walked in.

"Commander, why did you suspend the Colonel?" Kevin didn't beat around the bush. The commander obviously knew what he came for.

"I received orders from the top. The anonymous tip is from someone who knows very well how things work in the military base. The person sent a copy of the letter to the top officials' public e-mail. Otherwise, I could've handled it myself. What's done is done. Daisy must rest at home for a while."

The commander couldn't believe that Da


"How could I possibly know that? Maybe the one who sent the letter took these pictures." The commander was contemplating how to deal with this whole thing. Should he report it to the leaders? Or should he wait until they found out themselves? He decided to report it. The commander was concerned that Daisy might get a low score in the performance assessment because of it.

"The person who sent this letter is an ignorant jerk. How could someone accuse Daisy of being Edward Mu's mistress before investigating further?" Kevin angrily tossed the letter on the table. Who on earth was this bastard? The person was probably mentally-ill. No wonder Daisy came down with a cold. The disciplinary investigation must have been torture to her. Daisy was good at disciplining herself and never caused any trouble. The letter must have been sent by one of Edward's exes. Daisy got into trouble because of him.

"Kevin, do a secret investigation and find out if one of our men sent this letter. The person who sent it seems very familiar with us." As he spoke, the commander thought of someone. But he shook his head at the possibility. Even though the guy was narrow-minded, he wasn't stupid enough to do something like that. If he was discovered to be the person behind this, his whole career would be ruined.

"Copy that. I'm relieved to get things straight. The accusations in the letter are completely false." Kevin was worrying about the letter on his way to the commander. He didn't expect that the problem could be solved quickly by simply telling the truth. Kevin was certain that Edward would take care of everything. But he wasn't sure if Edward had been informed that Daisy was also accused of stealing someone else's husband. Daisy would probably love Edward even more after he fixed things for her.

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