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   Chapter 317 Where Is Your Colonel (Part Two)

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"What's the matter?" Leena had never asked about his schedule. Kevin was a bit surprised. He wondered what she had in mind.

"There's a party tonight, the anniversary party of the FX International Group. I am wondering if you can come with me." Somehow Leena felt Kevin seemed quite commanding that morning. Was it because of the serious look on his face? Or perhaps she was just being paranoid? Either way, Leena couldn't dare to look into his eyes.

"Sure. I think I can make it. I'll be there with you unless something urgent comes up at the base." Kevin answered absently with a frown. The anniversary party? Why didn't Daisy mention it before? There would be a lot of celebrities at the anniversary party. To be honest, Kevin didn't want to go. However, he had to because he was now Leena's husband. More importantly, Daisy would be there. He had tried his best not to think about her anymore; but no matter how hard he tried to run away from her, his path always led him back to her. And Kevin hated himself for being such a spineless coward.

"Okay. I'll prepare your clothes." Leena was a professional designer, and she didn't need to use the measuring tape. She gauged Kevin's size with her eyes and started thinking about what she should pick for him tonight.

"Go have a bath. I'll be downstairs making breakfast for you." Kevin didn't mind what Leena would do to him. But he felt that being too polite to each other would make them seem like friendly neighbors rather than a couple. He hoped they could be more casual and relaxed.

Lost in thought, Leena bit her lip, watching him leave the room without saying anything. The more time she had spent with Kevin, the more confused she became. Leena could sense that Kevin was deeply in love with someone else, and she knew she was only a replaceme

she hadn't violated a single rule. There's no way that the inspectors would go after her.

"I heard that someone reported her for bribery." Mark was furious about this accusation. What bribery? Which law stated that military officers couldn't drive a luxury car? There was no such a law! So why did they suspend her? It was evident that they were picking on Daisy because she didn't have a strong background.

"What did you say? Bribery?" Kevin stopped abruptly as he heard the word. Mark almost bumped into his back.

"I only heard their discussion. Colonel wouldn't tell me and she forbade me to ask, " answered Mark. He lowered his head and shuddered when he saw the rage in Kevin's face.

"Fuck them! Her husband is the CEO of the FX International Group! Any one of his affiliated companies' taxes were more than what a common enterprise could earn annually! Why should she take any bribe?" Kevin felt he just heard the lamest joke in the world. And instead of laughing out loud, he wanted to strike whoever had dared to report Daisy with such a lame excuse. Meanwhile, Kevin was relaxed. He knew about Daisy, and he knew the report was not true, which meant Daisy's name would soon get cleared.

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