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   Chapter 316 Where Is Your Colonel (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6165

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The sky was still dark at dawn. A beautiful woman slowly stepped out of the international terminal of the airport. Leena took a deep sigh and glanced at the quiet road and dim streetlamps. She stood there and gazed into the horizon for a while before she headed to the parking lot with her suitcase.

Leena placed her luggage in the back seat of her Ferrari and got into the driver's seat. Suddenly, she remembered something. She turned around to search for her cellphone. The phone was dead because Leena had left it in the car when she went to Paris. She kept it in her purse in case she forgot it again when she got home.

The red Ferrari drove away in the cold morning of early fall. Leaves slowly swirled around the rim of the empty street because of the wind as Leena sped away.

The day broke brighter as she arrived at Kevin's apartment. Leena smiled sweetly as she jumped out of her car. 'Kevin, I'm home!' Leena wanted to shout it out loud. Although she chose to ignore it, her feelings for Kevin had somewhat changed during these days.

Kevin was having breakfast when he heard someone open the door. He paused in surprise, 'Who could it be at this hour? A thief?' Thinking of that someone was breaking into his apartment, Kevin dropped his fork and tried to find something that he could use as a weapon. His eyes were fixed on the doorknob warily. Leena didn't expect to see Kevin standing behind the door. Startled, she froze and dropped her keys. For a moment, both of them stared blankly at each other until the sound of keys falling on the floor shook them up.

"Am I so scary?" With a gentle smile, Kevin approached Leena and picked up her keys, gazing at Leena's cute keychain with great interest.

"What? Oh no. I just...I didn't expect that you'd be at home." Leena blushed. She assumed he would have left for the army

de sincerely. She knew their marriage was only a bargain with mutual benefits. However, instead of treating her like a stranger, Kevin tried to fulfill his husbandly duty towards her as a real husband. His behavior touched Leena.

"You don't have to say that. Just one thing, I want you to remember that you're my wife."

Kevin didn't know why he was upset. But Leena's polite behavior bugged him. He felt powerless and angry every time she said 'thank you' to him.

"Kevin, please don't get me wrong. I said 'thank you' because I am really grateful to you, not because I forgot about our relationship."

Leena expressed her feelings bluntly; she didn't expect that Kevin would react so furiously. As she saw his face change, she quickly presented an explanation.

"Never mind. Go have a bath. I'll make you some breakfast. Then you can take some rest to overcome your jet lag." Kevin had no idea what was wrong with him. Why did he pick on Leena's words like that? He was not himself. He was having a bad feeling about this.

"By the way, are you free tonight?" Leena asked Kevin abruptly, thinking of the anniversary party. She had to attend the party, and she needed an escort. Who was better than her own husband?

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