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   Chapter 315 You Little Monkey. That’s What You want, Right (Part Two)

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Daisy stared at him for a few seconds. She said nothing but made a bold move. She took off Edward's clothes, which shocked Edward. Looking at his surprised look, she smiled and then kissed his eyes with her cherry-like lips. That way, she could cover his probing eyes. Otherwise, she wouldn't dare to do what she intended to do.

Edward smirked. He had wanted Daisy to take some rest. Since she didn't want to rest, she couldn't blame him. Edward said "Honey, are you sure you want to do this?"

Although he was thrilled by her move, he still asked her one more time out of respect. He didn't want her to pass out halfway through for being too tired.

Before Daisy could answer, there was a loud knock at the door. It made Edward so angry that he wanted to tear the person who knocked on the door to pieces. Perhaps that would help him vent his unfulfilled desire.

"Ah!" Daisy couldn't help laughing, seeing Edward like this. But secretly she also wondered who was bothering them so early in the morning. Daisy could not bear to see him controlling himself like this. She didn't expect that such an accident would happen at this critical time. She began to pray for him. Edward was so angry that whosoever had bothered them was going to meet his misfortune. Who would be the "lucky dog"? She knew that the person who had knocked on the door couldn't be the butler, because the servants were aware that he didn

u wanna be beaten again?" Edward said coldly. He couldn't believe that Tom said he was crazy in front of him. He thought Edward would beg him just like last night? Since Daisy was out of fever now, Edward should give him a good lesson.

"Daisy, I really should go now, or my other eye would also get in trouble. Have a good rest! See you tonight!" Tom said this and left with his things hurriedly, without looking at Edward. He really needed to take care of his eye, or how would he see anyone when he went to the party at night?

Edward was really upset as Tom was ignoring him? He couldn't believe that Tom would be so unfriendly to him in front of Daisy. Edward wanted to beat him harder! Perhaps then Tom would be respectful again.

Daisy wasn't curious about Edward's angry face. But Tom's words "See you tonight," made her wonder what he really wanted to say. It must be a special night, or he wouldn't say such words without reason.

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