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   Chapter 314 You Little Monkey. That’s What You want, Right (Part One)

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"But you promised that you wouldn't interfere with my work. I haven't finished my report yet." Daisy was very serious about her work, so she was displeased with Edward's decision, but didn't blame him. She knew Edward did that because he cared about her health, so she spoke not so much in anger as in coquetry.

"Yes, I did say I wouldn't interfere with your work, but that's only when you are taking care of yourself. Anyway, you can write your report at home. Just ask Mark to send you the material." Edward didn't want to upset Daisy again, so he said that on purpose. The truth was that when he called up Mark last night, Mark told him that there was no need to ask for leave because the higher administration had decided to suspend all her work in the military base. Even if Edward hadn't called Mark, Mark would have called him to convey the same. It was just a matter of who called first.

Edward was delighted by the higher administration's decision. He knew Daisy didn't embezzle money or engage in any corrupt practices, so he was not afraid of the so-called investigation they had initiated against her. Anyhow, they would know the truth tonight, and they would pay for the wrong decision made by them. His wife was sick, and he desperately hoped that Daisy wouldn't have to go to work. The investigation helped serve his purpose.

Edward knew that Daisy was accused of bribery, but it was not so simple. In addition to being charged with bribery, Daisy was also accused of being a homewrecker. That's why this matter was so complicated. Daisy could get reprimanded, either by being dismissed from the military or by being demoted if either of the two accusation

she had to be strong and brave, and that was the only way for her to be respected by others.

How could Edward control himself when Daisy kissed him like this? So, Edward kissed her back passionately, gently responding to her clumsy kisses. Edward was a good kisser, Daisy was completely lost in his kisses and she forgot that she just wanted to flirt with him.

"You little monkey. That's what you want, right?" Edward felt very helpless looking at her cheerful face. He didn't dare to do anything to her again, because he was afraid that he could not help having sex with her. After all, she was still sick.

"Well... Uh... I..." Daisy blushed. Daisy knew she had aroused his desire, so the most important thing at this time was to stop what he was going to do next. Although Daisy's hand was still on his bare chest, she was afraid to do anything else, because she had felt his intense desire.

"Don't tease me unless you can bear the consequence." Edward said that in a hoarse voice. If she wasn't down with fever, he would have done what he wanted to do, and he wouldn't have to control himself anymore.

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