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   Chapter 313 Wild Cat To Charcoal Cat (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4776

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He kissed her lips softly. Her usual aloof disposition disappeared, and now her frail body was a tender sight. She was just like any other woman, soft and fragile, almost breaking Edward's heart.

'My little wild cat, be well soon! I can't get used to you lying next to me so quietly. I would rather have you use all your fury on me. At least you will be lively. I guess I am just a masochist. I want you to kick me around all day long. Tell me, am I being too goddamn insatiable?'

Edward didn't eat much at dinner, probably because he was worried sick for Daisy. After a few quick bites, he went upstairs to her, leaving Tom alone with a table full of food. Tom was not pleased, muttering to himself that thank goodness Daisy was only down with a cold. If it were some serious illness, he might have to give up on Edward.

The night felt endless to Edward. He was feeding medicines to Daisy, changing the IV bottle, wiping her sweat while responding to her spontaneous murmuring. He barely got a moment to relax, yet Tom didn't show up even once as long as Edward didn't call for him. Edward guessed that he must have fallen asleep in the guest room.

By the time Daisy's body temperature dropped back to normal, he was too tired to go on. He carefully changed her pajamas and held her in his arms. He closed his eyes and fell asleep because of exhaustion.

Daisy's circadian rhythm jolted her awake at the usual time. Sh

saw Edward's tired face. Before she realized, her hand was already caressing his face. She didn't like it when he furrowed his eyebrows. So she carefully brushed her fingers between Edward's eyes.

"You had been burning up all night. You must be hungry. I'll get you some porridge. The butler has kept it warm for us." Edward held her hand, asking her pleadingly.

"No! Get some more sleep. You clearly didn't sleep much because you had to take care of me last night. Besides, I should get ready for work anyway." As she spoke, Daisy tried to get up, but Edward wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Don't go. You are really sick. You can't go to work like this. Rest at home. I've already called the army base for you." Edward never held Daisy back from her work. It was his promise to her from the very beginning, but he couldn't allow her to neglect her health. Edward insisted on this. So he already had Mark call in sick for her last night.

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