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   Chapter 312 Wild Cat To Charcoal Cat (Part One)

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"Should we put her on IV?" Edward ignored Tom's complaints. He furrowed his eyebrows in worry while he watched Tom mix the medicines.

"Yeah! The recovery will be faster. Help me steady her hand in case she makes any sudden movements." Tom signaled Edward to hold down Daisy's hand. If he missed the first attempt he would need to make another injection.

"Take it easy!" When Tom was pushing in the needle, Daisy frowned unconsciously. Edward felt empathetic towards her; he cautioned Tom to be careful. It seemed as if he was going to eat Tom.

"Please. It's just an injection. I am not performing surgery." Tom rolled his eyes. He carefully fastened the needle with medical gauze. People said that women lose their senses in love. But in this case, it seemed that this applied to men as well. Tom was looking at one such man right now.

"Cut the crap. Of course, I know it's just an injection. I'm just asking you to take it easy. Why are you arguing?" Edward was surprised by Tom's grouchy mood today. What made him so agitated?

Edward Mu had very conveniently forgotten that he had hit Tom moments ago. He shouldn't expect Tom to behave courteously. If it were someone else, they would have shut Edward up from the beginning.

"Buddy, do you think Daisy's made of wax? She's a soldier, OK? This tiny sting won't matter to her. What are you worrying about?" Tom didn't know what to do with Edward. It was only an injection; there was no reason for Edward to be so aggressive.

"What's all this noise..." A faint whisper interrupted the two bickering men. They both turned to the woman quietly lying on the bed, but they realized that she only uttered on

om's ice pack on her head. Even though he had been as slow and careful as he could, the sudden coldness made Daisy's head twitch. Another low whisper followed: "Mom... Don't leave me..." Both her hands reached out as if she were trying to catch something in the air.

"Honey, don't be afraid! I'm here and I won't leave you." Edward took her hands. Although she was not calling for him, he still decided to lie down beside her, caressing her tenderly. Daisy felt his deep affection, which made her sleep peacefully.

It was the first time Edward got to look at her so closely. He reached out and stroked her face softly. Perhaps because of her military career, Daisy had a commanding aura that no other woman possessed, making her extremely attractive. Edward laughed at himself for this realization. Didn't he fall in love with her because of these unique features? That sense of mystery made him swoon and drew him closer to her. Eventually and inadvertently, he got lost in her charm. But Edward liked the feeling of being in love with Daisy. There was no hesitance. He was willing to be the one for her.

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