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   Chapter 311 Daisy Had A Fever (Part Two)

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"Did you crawl all the way here? I've waited for you for half-an-hour! Is this how you treat your patients?" Edward was standing by the doorway because he had been going up and down the stairs to wait for Tom and check on Daisy simultaneously. And the last time he checked, Daisy's forehead was burning. He was terrified, so he ran downstairs and anxiously waited for Tom.

"Come on! It's miles away from my place! I literally risked my life and rushed all the way here! You should thank me! I wouldn't ever make a house call for anyone else." Tom rolled his eyes and replied sourly. Who did Edward take him for, a cheap doctor? Edward had practically ordered Tom, the legendary genius of the medical world, to come here because his wife had a fever!

"Shut up! Just go upstairs and have a look. Her body temperature seems really high." Normally, Edward wouldn't spare Tom so easily, but since he only cared for Daisy's wellbeing right now, he chose not to bicker with Tom.

Tom shrugged as he followed Edward. 'Daisy has a fever, not cancer! What's all the fuss about?' Tom felt Edward was overreacted. Tom had never seen Edward so anxious and frightened; he had a feeling that Edward had really fallen in love this time. He was a bit surprised that the famous playboy Edward would give up his whole world for a woman. Life was full of surprises indeed.

"How did she get the fever? What did she do? Would you put this under her arm or should I?" asked Tom while taking a thermometer out of his medical kit. Tom didn't think it was a big deal until he placed his palm over Daisy's forehead.

"I'm not sure. She got some terrible news earlier. And she fell asleep in the tub." Ignoring the option Tom


"Humph." Tom snorted while spreading his hand in front of Edward. Tom swallowed his pride and glared at Edward. He knew he couldn't do anything to him. Edward had a way with him.

"What?" Edward was confused. What was Tom up to this time?

"The thermometer of course! Do you want me to take off her clothes and get it myself?" Damn it! Tom felt so distressed at this moment. He came back from abroad just two weeks ago, yet Edward had bruised his eyes, twice! What's worse, Tom had to do what Edward wanted even after getting beaten!

Gritting his teeth, Edward suppressed the urge to punch him again and gently took the thermometer out of Daisy's arm and handed it over to Tom. Edward smirked when he saw Tom's bruised eye. He covered his mouth with his palm and pretended to cough, trying not to burst into laughter.

"Go ahead and laugh before you choke yourself and ask me for help." Tom retorted sharply. He threw an annoyed look at Edward and carefully checked the thermometer. 'Jeez! Almost 104℉? I have to get her an IV drip before she burns her head, ' thought Tom while quickly preparing the medicine for Daisy.

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