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   Chapter 310 Daisy Had A Fever (Part One)

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Daisy stepped into the tub and sighed with relief. The bath water smelled great. She realized Edward must have added essential oil to the water so that she could relax better. She smiled sweetly while thinking how considerate he was.

As for the accusation, she could have overturned it and cleared her name by showing her marriage certificate to the inspectors. But she was reported, and that would always remain as a stain on her profile. It would have a negative impact on her future career. Daisy cupped a handful of water and splashed over her face. She panicked when the disciplinary inspectors summoned her; it didn't occur to her that she could prove her relationship with Edward. She remembered that she asked Edward to keep their marriage certificates several months ago. What could she do to smuggle out the certificate without raising his suspicion?

She had thought that she couldn't feel any worse after the interrogation. However, she reached a new low when she got thrilled to see Leo, but Leo forgot her completely. He acted as if he never had a daughter called Daisy in his life.

Thinking of Leo's pale face earlier, Daisy wondered what Edward had told him and what Luke had shown him. Did it have anything to do with her? Daisy sighed heavily. Random thoughts brewed in her mind. The more she thought about them, the more tired she got. She felt sleepy soon, partly because of the fatigue and partly because of the hot bath.

Daisy had been in the bathroom for a long while; Edward rechecked his watch and wondered why she hadn't come out yet. Did she fall asleep? Edward grew nervous at the thought and immediately walked into the bathroom. Damn it! How could he forget about that? She was exhausted. What if she fell asleep and the water got cold? She might catch a cold!

Edward pushed the door anxiously. Luckily, she hadn't locked the door from inside.

one arm on the wall, he closed his eyes and sighed with relief. The cold shower quenched his burning thirst. Edward's lips curled into a big smile, thinking about tomorrow night. He usually brought the actresses of his company as his date for the anniversary party; it would be the first time when he attended the event with his wife. Edward couldn't hold back his excitement.

Lots of celebrities would attend the anniversary party of the FX International Group, and Edward had planned to introduce Daisy as his wife to all of them proudly. Edward beamed and thought to himself, 'So that's how it feels to love someone. I want the whole world to know that she belongs to me, yet I also want to hide her in my pocket and carry her around so other men wouldn't drool over her.'

Edward looked graceful and sexy even in casual and loose outfits. His hair was still wet and was falling on his forehead; he didn't bother to pull it back. He was very handsome in this way.

That was what Tom saw when he arrived at the house. Leaning idly against the doorway, Edward narrowed his eyes and gazed at Tom quietly. Tom shuddered all of a sudden. 'Is he mad at me for being late? Or is he surprised that I come so soon?' Tom had no idea what was on Edward's mind.

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