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   Chapter 309 What Are You Thinking About (Part Two)

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"Yes. But does it have anything to do with my question?" Edward asked with a deep frown. He was confused by Mark's response.

"Sorry, Mr. Mu. If the Colonel is with you, please ask her yourself. I fear that I'd be severely punished if I say something I shouldn't say." Mark was a simple and honest man, but that didn't mean he was stupid. Since Daisy didn't tell Edward herself, then it was improper if Edward found out from him.

"Oh, it seems something really happened. Could you tell me what it was about?" Edward didn't give up. He was cunning, he tried another way to get what he wanted.

"I don't know the details. But everyone in the military base is talking about it." Ah! Mark was definitely a person who couldn't go through an interrogation. He revealed everything so soon. He would be severely punished by his colonel for this. It seemed that Mark fell into traps easily.

"Oh? What were they talking about?" Edward asked casually. Edward thought that Mark and Daisy were really perfectly matched to work together, as they were both easily befuddled. No wonder they were always being used by others.

"They're saying that the reason why the disciplinary department summoned the Colonel for an investigation was because the luxurious car she drove recently is a bribe." If Mark lived during the war, he would absolutely be labeled a traitor. He was easily manipulated by Edward and doomed to suffer from his mistakes. The prospect of a 10-kilometer cross country run was looming over him.

"What? Bribe? Bullshit! Why didn't they say that she stole them? They are all talking rubbish nonsense, idiots!" Edward immediately became furious at the news. Who would blatantly seek attention by driving a car gained from bribery? Would anyone be so stupid as t

"Mr. Ouyang, if you're done, I'll take it back. This document was borrowed, so we need to return it afterwards." It was true. The document with the information was borrowed by Jonathan from The Mayfly. It needed to be returned.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I'm finished." Leo came back to his senses and handed the document he'd been grasping to Luke. He stood up from the chair, looking distressed. He needed to go back to confirm all the information he had read. If it was all true, how could he get back Daisy?

Looking at Leo's retreating figure, Luke felt a trace of pity. He had taken another's daughter as his own and regarded her as the apple of his eye, while abandoning his actual daughter and trampling on her like she was garbage. What a pathetic man. He was suffering the consequences of his own actions. He didn't deserve anyone's sympathy.

Unlike Leo, Edward acted quickly. As soon as he heard what happened from Mark, he sent a number of instructions through his phone. He didn't intend to make things public, but to prove Daisy's innocence, he had to add something special to tomorrow's anniversary celebration. This was the only way he could do to get quick results.

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