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   Chapter 307 Take Me Home

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 10048

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"Mr. Ouyang, what can I do for you?" Edward asked casually, hands in his trouser pockets. It was difficult to tell whether the faint smile on his face was contemptuous or a mischievous one.

"I want to apologize for what happened in the restaurant the other day. My family was rude and disruptive while you were having dinner with your family. I'm really sorry. Mary said some offensive remarks because she likes you as you know." Leo apologized obsequiously. Mary had been acting like a spoiled child in front of him to get him to come here. At last he had no choice but to come.

"So you came here for Mary?" The smile on Edward's face grew. A hint of disdain flitted over his handsome face. His opinion of Leo worsened. Daisy was in his office right now. He wished he could leave at once and go to her. She was the only one that mattered to him.

"Mr. Edward, what do you think of Mary? She kept asking me to come and since I'm here, I want to ask that for her. But I come here mainly for the findings of your investigation."

Leo said hesitantly. No matter what the results were, they wouldn't be good news for him. If Daisy was really his daughter, his neglect of her in the past would be like a blade that left a permanent scar and endless pain in them. It would make him regret his actions forever. If she wasn't, he would be haunted by the memory of his wife's betrayal for the rest of his life. Either way, he would suffer.

"Humph, why do you even care? What you're doing clearly shows where you stand. Mary has been always the only daughter in your heart. Since neither Daisy nor Mary is your biological daughter, why do you treat them so differently? And are you certain that you and Daisy aren't related at all? "

Edward had become irritated. 'Leo, you're still trying to bring me and Mary together. Good for you! Do you ever think about Daisy? Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is to her? She is your daughter after all, how could you treat her worse than an outsider?' he thought.

"What are you talking about? If I'm not his daughter, then who's my father?" Daisy stood at the door of the sitting room, deathly pale and dumbstruck. Her eyes were devoid of emotions, and she looked about to collapse at any minute. Now, she understood why her father had been so distant to her. But what hurt her the most wasn't the fact that she was't Leo's daughter, but her mother's betrayal. Daisy had respected and loved her so much. She couldn't believe that her mother was a woman who had slept around. Her parents had loved each other so deeply, how was it possible for her mother to have an affair?

Daisy's head was full of questions. It was a heavy blow to her sinking heart. It hurt so much that her body couldn't support herself anymore and she slowly started collapsing. Suddenly, a big hand caught her and pulled her into an embrace, where she felt warm and stayed motionless.

"Honey, don't be foolish. It's not as it seems. I'll tell you everything later. Now, stop think

you said you are tired. Have a bath upstairs. Relax. I had it renovated."

They got home late the night before, so Cynthia hadn't seen Daisy's uniform and hadn't bothered them for that. But if they went home now, Cynthia would throw all kinds of questions to their faces. Edward knew that this place was sad and uncomfortable for Daisy, but it was better than facing his mom's curiosity.

"When did you have it renovated?" Daisy hadn't spent much time with Cynthia, but she came to know her personality. Most elders were stately and lofty, but Cynthia always spoke bluntly and innocently like a teenage girl. Because Jonathan spoiled her a lot, she wasn't like an elder at all. Daisy envied her sometimes.

"When you were at the war games. I missed you so much that I looked for anything that reminded me of you. Then I came here. Love is miraculous. It makes you do things that you never thought you would do in the past." Edward said with a wry smile, his eyes full of love.

"It's beautiful." His affectionate remarks made Daisy blush. Her heart was racing. Not knowing how to respond, she looked at the maple trees and pretended to appreciate the view.

"Yes. It will be more beautiful when the maple leaves turn red." Edward intended to let her relax, so he didn't mind her reaction. He followed her eyes to look at the maple woods.

The maple is a deciduous tree in the subtropical area that blossoms in spring. Because its hand-shaped leaves turn red in fall, especially in late fall, people also call them red maple leaves. In the autumn season, you can occasionally find orange and green among the flaming leaves. In a strong wind, the leaves fall gracefully like dancing snowflakes dyed in different colors. At that moment, no place in the world was as beautiful as this place. Soon enough, he would take her here to share that wonderful moment with her. Although the last time he was in that kind of romantic atmosphere had been a long time ago, he still cherished the sweet memory.

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