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   Chapter 305 But Honey, You Are Crying (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5314

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"Honey, What's wrong?" Edward reached out and held her hands. He wanted to turn around to check up on her. Why was she in his office at this time? He remembered she had a report to write. Perhaps she had finished it already.

"Don't move. I want to stay like this for a moment." Daisy sensed his movement and tightened her arms around his waist, her eyes closed, indulging herself in the faint Jasmine scent coming from him. She realized how reassuring it was to know she could rely on someone when she was wronged. It felt like nothing mattered any more and everything would be fine as long as he was by her side.

"So, what happened?" Edward asked, his voice was never so soft. He didn't move as she had asked. He realized this was the first time she revealed her vulnerability in front of him, which was very rare since she always appeared strong-minded and resolute. He wondered what had happened at the army base? Did she get in trouble for a bad report? Or someone took her promotion again? Last time she called Justin and cried on the phone for this. But none of this made sense. The military exercise had just ended. Although he wasn't familiar with the way the military operated, still he knew it would be too soon to get a result. So what on earth was going on?

"Don't ask. I don't want to talk about it." How could she tell him she had been accused by someone, especially when she had promised she wouldn't do anything to interfere with the investigation. Besides, she wasn't sure that Jessica was behind this. If Edward knew about this he would definitely step in, which w

felt a strange fluttering feeling inside, which was incredible and moving. He stood before her and with a gentle kiss he tasted her sadness and filled her with his deep affection. The warm touch of his lips brought her the kind of happiness that she had never experienced before.

The moment he took her lips, she surrendered and became completely submissive to his sweet kiss. He was so gentle today that she could feel his lips trembling slightly. Was he feeling sad for her? Was he taking pity on her? She couldn't figure it out. But nothing mattered now because she just wanted to succumb to the temptation and drown herself in his love.

Edward couldn't be more careful right now. He traced her lips and tongue intently, but there was no lust in his kiss. He was trying to chase away her tears to make her happy again. She was always in fighting spirit and never in a compromise position. This tearful face seemed strange to him. The strangeness came in such a hurry that he was blanked in an instant; uncontrolled panic was spreading through his body.

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