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   Chapter 304 But Honey, You Are Crying (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6258

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Daisy rushed out of the front door of the army base driving a Humvee. Her serene face had no sign of placidity. She looked straight ahead, her eyes bright and spirited. Her hands kept turning the steering wheel, revealing her expert driving skill.

She might have cried over what had happened. But as a soldier, she couldn't show her weakness in front of people, so she tried her best to remain in control. Now that she was alone, her tears started rolling down like pearls.

Daisy rarely cried. She didn't shed a single tear when she was thrown out of Ouyang's house. She gritted her teeth when her life was on the line. Life was tough for a young mother raising a son by herself, but she kept doing that for all these years, without showing the faintest sign of weakness. From the moment she became a soldier she had sworn to herself that she would never disgrace the sacred uniform. Getting accused of accepting a bribe and being a homewrecker broke her today.

She felt that she had been thrown out again from the army base that she had treated as her home. Every time she started a life with great enthusiasm, it ended miserably. Why was it so difficult?

Feeling totally confused, she brushed her tears coarsely. Jessica's prosecution letter would bring her many troubles, and there was no way she could fix this. No matter what the result would be, this investigation would be recorded in her archive. It would be a permanent stain on her military career. Every time she got moved or promoted, the file would be checked. Why on earth did Jessica hate her so much?

She closed her eyes momentarily and then opened them again. She turned the wheel swiftly and decisively, and the Humvee started moving towards the suburb, instead of the wide road leading to the city. The driving speed was slower now.

Leaves were fluttering down in the soft autumn breeze. Th

htful as he said this and a playful smile curved his lips as if to say how remarkable his plan would be.

"OK, I got it. Mr. Edward." Anna gave a knowing smile and left his office silently. It seemed Mr. Edward was being mysterious again. That would be worth looking forward to.

Edward rubbed his aching forehead to ease the tiredness. He got up from his chair, paced to the window and looked at the clouds in the sky. One hand half-stuck in the pocket of his trousers, his lean body silhouetted against the light from the window. He looked extremely confident and his usual faint smile enhanced his charm.

Tomorrow night he would announce to the world that Daisy was his wife, the mother of his only son. He would claim his love for her and clear all his competitors out of the way. This would also be a good tip-off for the task he had assigned to Rain. After the declaration, people would think twice before rejecting her promotion.

A pair of lovely and tender hands wrapped around his waist silently from the back. Edward frowned at this unexpected hug and tried to break free, wondering who was bold enough to sneak up on him. But he stopped quickly as he recognized the extreme familiarity of Daisy's head pressed against his back.

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