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   Chapter 303 Don't Be Absurd (Part Two)

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"I know. Please continue with the proceedings." Daisy didn't like to use her higher ranks to get privilege. She chose to cooperate with the investigation. She was also curious to find out what her 'improper behavior' was.

"Colonel Ouyang, do you know Edward Mu, the CEO of the FX International Group?" The inspectors cut to the chase and directly asked Daisy since she seemed willing to cooperate.

"Edward? Yes, I know him." Daisy bit her lip and answered honestly. Of course she knew her own husband! What kind of question was that?

"His wife has reported that you are having an affair with him. What do you have to say for yourself?" With his eyes fixed on Daisy, the inspector continued. He noticed that she bit her lip. Maybe she was nervous; maybe she really did something disgraceful.

"What did you say? His wife? Are you sure about that? It's impossible!" Daisy was confused. Why on earth would she report herself? She wasn't that bored. She had been really busy with her work.

"That's right. We have proof." The inspector considered that Daisy probably didn't know that Edward was a married man. He suddenly felt sorry for her.

"May I ask who his wife is? Who's impersonating me?" Daisy wasn't stupid. She had pieced things up and knew exactly what had happened. Jessica's face suddenly flashed through her mind. 'It's you Jessica, isn't it? Why are you still stuck on this?' Daisy was furious. Jessica still didn't believe that she and Edward were married. She was pushing her luck again and again. Daisy decided she wouldn't let her off this time.

"Sorry, we can't tell you that. Just tell us if it's true. We need to hear your side of the story so that we can investigate further." The inspector didn't notice the last line uttered by Daisy.


e military exercises hadn't even begun, Daisy was questioned. It was obvious that someone didn't want her to get the promotion!

"Yes. I'm fine. I'll leave early today. Will you tell the commander for me?" Daisy felt distressed. It wouldn't take long for everyone in the army base to know that she was questioned because of 'improper behavior'; they wouldn't care whether it was true, they just needed something to gossip about. She couldn't stay here. Hence she decided to take a day off and prepare herself for that.

"I will. But are you okay by yourself?" Mark was worried because Daisy looked as pale as a ghost. He blamed himself for not taking better care of her. He wondered why the disciplinary inspectors were after Daisy. Judging from Daisy's look, he knew it was something really bad.

"I'm okay. Just call me if there's an emergency." Daisy replied dispassionately and walked past Mark towards the parking lot before he saw her red eyes. Her little figure seemed fragile and lonely. Mark couldn't help but get worried. However, he didn't dare to follow her since Daisy forbade him to do so. To stick to the order was one of the most important rules for an aide like him.

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