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   Chapter 302 Don't Be Absurd (Part One)

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"Mr. Mu, I've finished the investigation...with your father's help. Here's the report." Luke hesitated for a moment. Since Edward said he didn't want his father to intervene, Luke didn't ask Jonathan for help. However, Jonathan found out and offered the information to him. Luke wasn't sure whether Edward would accept that or not.

"Did you go to him for help?" Edward absently asked Luke while scanning through the report. Luke couldn't see any emotions on Edward's face and this made him nervous.

"No. He noticed what I've been working on and..." Luke knew Edward. He wouldn't ask for his father's help, no matter what. That was why he cared where the information came from.

"Nevermind if he insisted to help. He saved us a lot of time" Edward sneered and replied casually. While reading the report, he frowned at the findings. He had been wondering for a long time why Leo thought that Daisy wasn't his daughter. It turned out that there was a huge conspiracy against Daisy! Despite the rage he felt at this moment, Edward had to admit that he was impressed by how thoroughly the culprit had planned to harm Daisy.

Luke sighed in relief as he heard Edward's words. As long as Edward didn't blame him for accepting Jonathan's help, it would be fine. To be honest, Luke had no idea why Edward and Jonathan behaved like arch enemies instead of father and son. It seemed like they were ready for a duel every time they met.

"This report seems old. Did he acquire it a long time ago?" With his eyes still fixed on the report, Edward asked Luke again. He finally felt at ease when he noticed something in the document. Although he had guessed the answer, he needed a proof in black and white. Luckily he found the truth, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to face Daisy.

"Yes. father said he had

ome people who happen to be CEOs, but not in the way you think. Don't apply your filthy thoughts on me." Daisy immediately retorted with her eyes wide open. She didn't care if they were disciplinary inspectors or not. She wouldn't stand there and let them insult her because of something she didn't do.

"Colonel Ouyang, we apologize for being rude. But I'm sure you know that we won't have summoned you here today without any solid evidence?" They thought Daisy was an easy target because she was a woman. However, awed by Daisy's aura, the inspectors became more polite.

"In that case, I'll cooperate with your investigation. I won't ask who reported me since I already know that you won't tell me. But I want to be clear, I didn't do anything to disgrace my uniform." Daisy's lips were slightly trembling out of rage. She had served the army for years, and it was the first time she was reported to have improper behavior. She wondered who reported her.

"Don't worry. We'll look into it. We'll clear your name if this turns out to be a false accusation. But if it's true, I believe you know what the consequences will be." Compared to their initial aggressive approach, the inspectors became more polite now.

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