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   Chapter 301 To Hell With Your So Called Sister (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5944

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"Brian, don't be ridiculous. Only you take her for a sister. Since she married Edward, the CEO of FX International Group, she stopped regarding us as her family. Why do you expect that she will admit she knows you? She doesn't want to know any of us, her poor relatives now." Mary resented both Brian and Daisy for the difference in the ways Brian treated Daisy and her. They were both his sisters, but Brian always favored Daisy and treated Mary as a stranger. Why was Daisy so perfect for him?

"Really? You'd better wish I wouldn't find out that this matter involves you. Otherwise, you can imagine the consequences. I'm not threatening you. Things are different now. I'm not a little boy anymore. I can handle you."

Brian still looked a little childish, but his words sounded ruthless. He stared at Mary gravely, half smiling, half serious.

"Why? Why everyone likes that bitch so much? What about me? Brian, I'm also your sister. Why are you biased against me?" Mary couldn't take the unfair treatment anymore. She screamed hysterically. Two men had threatened her because of Daisy in these two days. She was filled with hate and envy, and she finally lost control over her emotions.

"Sister? Mary, don't taint this sacred word. It is a waste to use it on you. To get others' respect, you got to be honest first, then we will see whether you deserve it or not," Brian said to Mary. Earlier, he hadn't been strong enough to fight against Mary, but now he was, and so he would. He had put up with her for many years. He had watched how she bullied Daisy since he was a little boy. Back then, he wasn't strong enough to protect Daisy, all he could do was to reduce Daisy's sufferings. Now that he had grown up, he wanted to see how aggressive and arrogant Mary could g

her and me. It's none of your business. You better remember my warning. If you dare play your dirty tricks, I will be merciless." Brian sneered. The bright smile on his face had been replaced by frigidness and cruelty. He turned around and left without one more glance at Mary. His slender figure could give people chills even in the morning sunshine, which proved how much he despised Mary.

'Humph! To hell with your so-called sister! If we weren't related, you wouldn't have lived here either! I would have kicked you out too! Don't preach your ridiculous relative theory to me. If you don't like me, so be it. I'm not obligated to kiss your ass,'

Mary stood there and swore. Full of malice, her pretty face had turned hideous. 'Daisy! Daisy! Why does everyone think of that damn Daisy only? Does anyone ever think of me? I'd love to see how you would protect her if she didn't exist anymore!'

Hate made a heart ugly and a person reckless. A person blinded by resentment would do everything to achieve his or her purpose, even at the cost of human kindness. Consequently, such people embarked on a road of no return. When they wanted to head back, their chances would be gone.

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