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   Chapter 300 To Hell With Your So Called Sister (Part One)

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On this lovely night, Kevin stood on the balcony, alone, with a lit cigarette between his fingers. He smoked occasionally. The breeze broke the smoke rings blown by him. The beautiful moment from the afternoon flashed back into his mind. His heart started racing at the very thought of it.

He was then leaning against the door, watching Daisy make tea. Absorbed in her elegance and the serenity in the air, he stood there for a while before he finally greeted her. He kept telling himself that Daisy was an unattainable dream for him, but his heart raced uncontrollably every time he saw her.

Kevin smiled bitterly and said to himself, 'Kevin, don't forget that you are married. Are you forgetting that you have a wife named Leena? Why do you desire a woman who will never be yours, and who doesn't even pay any attention to you?'

Kevin carefully stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray. He looked into the sky, and then walked back into the room, trying to repress his racing heart. Would the pain and bitterness fade away if he stopped thinking of her? Would he have to start a new relationship to forget the past? Would he have to fall in love with another woman before he could stop admiring her secretly? In that case, he would strive to fall in love with his wife Leena. He would open his heart to her and let her in.

When he got home from work, he looked everywhere but he didn't find Leena's note. Out of boredom, he picked up a small round item on her dressing table and started to play with it. However, he accidentally dropped it on the floor. It rolled under the dressing table and couldn't be seen anymore. Kevin was in a daze for a few seconds. Then he gave a wry smile and bent down to look for it. Since he had no idea what it meant to Leena, he felt he had to put it back.

He spotted a piece of paper under the dressing table. He picked it

prepared herself well for this last round of competition, including reviewing notes about the rating scales and designing philosophy. Hence, she didn't have time to respond to QQ messages.

Leena was usually indulged in fun and frolick in her daily life, but she also had a serious attitude towards work and business, which proved that she was responsible. That's why Kevin didn't get any response from her. Right now, her devotion towards the contest was quite appealing. People said that men focusing on work were most charming. A woman who bent her mind to work was as charming as such men.

The night was replaced by dawn. The sky in S City was clear and bright. The dawn marked new beginnings. Brian Ouyang stood in front of Mary with a smile, eyes full of contempt.

"Mary, what's the matter with Sis Daisy? Why did she say she doesn't know me? What did you do to her?" Mary had bullied Daisy for all kinds of reasons. Brian hated her for that. He never addressed Mary as a sister, although they shared the same mother. In Brian's heart, only Daisy, his half-sister, who shared the same father but a different mother with him, deserved to be his sister, while Mary was just a stranger who temporarily lived in the Ouyang's residence.

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