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   Chapter 299 Honey You Have Something On Your Mind (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6352

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"Huh! She looks like a beautiful butterfly. Why should I be angry?" Despite of what she just said, thinking of how those women lost control at the sight of Edward, Daisy still fell into a rage. She wondered why women these days had become so fearless and shameless. She was sitting beside Edward, but they went up to him and hit on him anyway. It seemed that she was completely invisible to them, Daisy thought.

"Huh! You said you're not angry. Look at your pout. Let's go. Didn't you say that you wanted to sample all the delicious food on this street?" Edward gently pinched her beautiful nose with affection. It was the first time that they had hung out, and he didn't want this small accident to spoil her good mood.

"I don't feel like eating. Let's go home. It's really very late." Daisy said while lifting her hand and looking at her watch. A sudden feeling of disappointment came to her. It seemed that they couldn't finish her plan for today. She wondered when they would have the chance to come here again. They came here on the spur of the moment, and they had already spent too much time here. She still had a report to write, she wasn't in the mood to continue wandering about tonight. It was not because she really minded what had happened just now. It was true that she was unhappy about it. But she was not going to take off the gloves and argue with him. She was not a narrow-minded person. She just needed to grumble about it a little, she knew there was no need to be petty.

"Really? You promise you won't regret it?" asked Edward. When he heard Daisy's words, he sighed with relief in his heart. But when he saw her downcast look, he felt the urge to persuade her to continue hanging out with him. He didn't want to see her disappointed.

"No. Let's go. I can cook something for you at home, " Daisy said while holding his wrist and walking towards the car. She found that a

didn't care about this, he would choose not to pry.

"Okay, I will finish it as soon as possible, " Daisy couldn't wait to reply. Her eyes shone with a cunning smile, as if she had been waiting for him to say this. 'Oh, my god! What should I do? I am overwhelmed by this ardent love when he lavishes such affection on me. I find that I am more and more unlike myself now. I've become more emotional and gentle. This is certainly not good for a soldier, ' Daisy thought.

Edward stood still for a minute, basking in the warm feeling of a happy Daisy. Then he showed an understanding smile and walked to his desk to deal with some urgent files. He felt delighted that Daisy enjoyed this reliance on him. It was his pride and responsibility to back her up.

Working together in the late night was such a sweet and harmonious scene. The couple sat opposite each other. They would occasionally raise their heads and shoot a warm smile at each other. Then they would attend to their files again. They did their own work without disturbing each other, but they could feel that their hearts were beating at the same rate, making them even more fond of each other. When they remembered this many years later, they still felt they were the happiest couple in the world.

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