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   Chapter 298 Honey You Have Something On Your Mind (Part One)

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"Uncle Liam, You old flatterer. How's business? Is Mrs. Liam okay?" Daisy asked emotionally. Compared to her family, the old street was the one place where she could feel warmth and care. Probably because she had spent so much time here before, so she felt very close to the people here, especially to this wonton restaurant.

"We're fine. She is at home now. Otherwise she would be very excited to see you. Wait, I'll get another bowl of wontons for you." Uncle Liam said and swiftly moved to the kitchen. You could see how excited he was now. He had liked her and cared about her like she was his own daughter. But she suddenly disappeared for so many years. They often missed her during this time. But now they were together again. What a joyful moment! How could he not be so delighted?

"You know each other?" Edward asked doubtfully. He had never seen her so lively and excited, just like a little girl. Her cold demeanor and stern image was nowhere to be found.

"Yes! I often came here and spent the whole afternoon in here. Just have a taste. It's so delicious!" Sitting here made her feel like she was a young girl again. But at that time, there was nobody beside her, she was sitting here alone, occupied with the endless thought and hope of Edward being here. Now her dream came true, he was right here sitting beside her. It was such a wonderful moment. Thinking of this, Daisy inadvertently held his big and warm hand, stroking his fingers. Their love at this moment made her feel the eternity of time.

Edward suddenly felt a pang in his heart. He didn't know why. The closer he was to Daisy, the more he felt the sadness in her heart. This made him sad, too. But he still listened to Daisy and picked up a wonton. As soon as the wonton slipped into his mouth and reached his tongue, he was shocked by the fresh taste of it. If he stopped worrying about the germs, he thought the wonton was really a delicacy which was even more delicious than the food in five-star hotels.

"What do you think? Really good, right?" Daisy stared at him with a wonderful smile, as if waiting for a compliment for her good recommendation. Her expression would make anyone hate to disappoint her.

"Oh! Yummy! It

el awful.

"Are you angry?" Edward pinched her sullen face. He told her not to make light of his charm. But she didn't believe it. She must have realized her mistake now. Although he didn't like to be watched by a group of people as if he was a monkey, he was happy to see Daisy feel jealous. This was funny and it was rare to see such a scene. So he was so obsessed in enjoying Daisy's reaction that he was ignorant of all the other women who surrounded him and asked him whether he was a star or other questions, and he was absent minded when they scrambled for a chance to take photos of him.

"No, I'm not. Why should I be angry. Let's go! It's late." Thinking of the sensation Edward had caused, Daisy didn't have the mood to take a stroll. She couldn't imagine what it could be like if they attracted all the women on the street to follow with them. She just experienced how scary it was when so many women went crazy about a man.

"Honey, that woman suddenly threw herself into my arms, I didn't have any intention of hugging her. Don't be angry with me for this. You're not beautiful with an angry face." Only till then did Edward realize how swiftly women changed their moods. But he knew he was the one to blame. 'Why was I so careless to touch that woman? If I didn't reach out my hand to push her away, it would have been worse than only touching her breasts. Maybe that woman would have kissed me. Anyway, I didn't lose anything. It's her loss,' Edward thought.

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