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   Chapter 297 A Qualified Narcissist

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"Woman, are you doubting me? If need be, I can prove it to you." Edward winked naughtily at Daisy, which gave her goosebumps. 'Could he be more mischievous?' she thought.

"I just think your narcissism has reached a new level. Turn left at the next intersection. I'm taking you somewhere you have never been before." Daisy hadn't been there for a long time herself. She wasn't sure whether the food there was as tasty as it had been before she went abroad. She used to come here often with Belinda, because they both loved the sweet cordial ambiance. People kept going there for its delicious food and friendly atmosphere. Many years had passed since then. Daisy was wondering whether the simple old street was still there.

"I'm a qualified narcissist. Don't you think I'm good-looking?" Edward jested as he rounded the corner. They pulled into another lane and started to zoom to the place Daisy referred to.

"Hah!, I was just being polite. I should have said you are shameless." Daisy was enjoying the moment. Teasing the man she loved was the greatest pleasure for her. It was all loving, and all for fun.

"Thank you for the compliment, honey. Do you really want to go there?" Edward asked with knitted brows. At first he had no idea what place it was, but as rows of old houses appeared before their eyes, he guessed they were close enough. 'Is the food there edible?' he couldn't help wondering. Edward had heard of the street before, but he had never been there, it's not that he hated poor place but because he had a sensitive stomach, which demanded a high standard of sanitation. To prevent himself from suffering diarrhea, Edward never ate at restaurants of bad hygiene, let alone snack bars on the street. Today, for Daisy, he was willing to give this one a try.

"Yes. Don't look down on these snack bars. Their food is yummy. Better than that in five-star hotels." Daisy said excitedly and sank into nostalgia, longing for the old tastes from when she was younger, unaware of the hesitant expression on Edward's face.

Edward didn't say anything but looked at her and smiled indulgently. Nothing mattered as long as she was happy. However, when he parked the car and stood in the old street, his mouth couldn't help but twist. His designer clothes and Daisy's uniform didn't fit the air at all.

"Honey, shall we go to another place?" Edward soon sensed the stares from the people around them. He was on the verge of fleeing. Looking at the utensils which obviously hadn't been sterilized, he felt his stomach turn somersaults already.

"Why? We're already here. Ar

d to her portions would be stomach threatening, if not life threatening. So wonton, which was cheap and yummy, had once been Daisy's staple food.

Seeing Daisy was upset by her memories, Edward attempted to comfort her, when, "Here comes your wonton, " an old man said in a sonorous voice. He looked in his sixties, holding a bowl of steaming wonton in both hands. He walked rapidly, confidently. He was uncommonly vigorous, which didn't meet his age.

"Uncle Liam, it's been years since we last met and you are still going strong, " Daisy said to the old man and cheered up immediately. This snack bar used to be her favorite place. She used to spend the whole afternoon reading a novel here to escape from the depressing atmosphere at home.

"Who are you?" Uncle Liam looked at Daisy, who was in uniform, and was confused. Since he didn't know any military officer, Uncle Liam sized Daisy up, thought hard, but still couldn't remember who she was. And the girl's powerful bearing didn't fit anybody in his memory. He was clueless.

"I'm Daisy! Do you remember me?" Daisy had been a frequent customer and had established a close relationship with the people working in the place. She thought Uncle Liam didn't recognize her because of her uniform. She used to be weak, which was in sharp contrast to her current solemn and aloof image.

"What? You are Daisy? It's been so many years I thought you had forgotten us. Why didn't you come and visit us? I don't even recognize you. You've changed a lot." Uncle Liam would never have imagined that delicate little girl he knew would become a high-ranking officer in the military. So anything was possible as long as you worked hard enough. This girl was a perfect example.

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