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   Chapter 296 Wake Up, Babe (Part Two)

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"You didn't have dinner, did you? But where's Luke? I don't see him here." Daisy was a little embarrassed because of Edward's sudden kiss; she tried to distract him by randomly saying something else. Meanwhile, she was indeed wondering where Luke was. Luke would never leave Edward alone out there at this hour. What happened?

"Nothing. I told him to leave first. It's the army base, right? What could possibly happen to me?" However, the truth was Edward had Luke investigate what Leo had said before. He didn't want to disturb Daisy, so he decided to keep it a secret from her until he found out the truth. It would only take a simple DNA test to find out whether Daisy was Leo's daughter or not. But somehow Leo was convinced that Daisy was not his child, which was the strangest part of the whole thing. It couldn't be as simple as it looked. Edward had to look into it and find something to convince Leo. As Daisy's husband, he felt it was his duty to do so.

"Okay. Let's go home. But you need to eat something first." Daisy said while reaching out her index finger to rub Edward's frown. She didn't like it to see him unhappy; it made her heart ache. Right at this moment, Daisy caught a glimpse of what seemed like a flash light. She instantly turned around and looked in the direction the light came from. But she couldn't see a thing. 'What happened? Did I see it wrong?' Daisy was bewildered. She stared into the dark warily for a while and finally shook her head. This was the army base; why would someone hide here and secretly take pictures?

"What's wrong?" Following her gaze, Edwar

s something that Edward didn't have to know. Daisy knew he would definitely make fun of her once he found out.

"Just average? Look at me again! This face would totally cause a traffic jam as long as I show up somewhere packed with women!" Instead of getting mad, Edward raised his chin up and glanced Daisy with his eyebrows raised, his eyes full of love.

"Edward, don't you feel my cheeks burning?" Daisy put on a serious look while fanning her face with her palm, seeming uncomfortable.

"Why? What happened? Do you have a fever? Let me have a look." Scared, Edward immediately reached out his hand and tried to feel her forehead. But Daisy grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Haha! No. I'm feeling ashamed for you!" Daisy then burst into giggles. It felt awesome to sometimes get to Edward. She just made fun of him on purpose. If she didn't stop Edward in time, he would probably describe himself as the prince charming of fairy tale fame. Daisy felt she had to stop him before he became too full of himself, which seemed to be very easy for him to do.

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