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   Chapter 295 Wake Up, Babe (Part One)

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"Is that so? It seems I have to replace Daisy's aide with another one before he gets Daisy in trouble. I thought he is quiet and steady; that's why I assigned him to Daisy. It turns out he's a gossipy guy. My mistake." The commander smiled, shaking his head. Daisy was so quiet and distant a girl; he gave Mark to her because he thought he was a reserved man. But to his surprise, Mark turned out to be quite lively.

"Just replace him! It scares me to see him poking around like that. What if I say something inappropriate by accident and he uses it to cause problems?" Kevin invited himself in and seated in front of the tea table. Daisy poured a small cup of tea for him; he reached for it and took a small sip. 'That's really good!' Kevin thought while enjoying the refreshing taste.

"Don't bother. Mark's fine. I'm used to him anyway, after all these years. Now, never mind him. Just drink your tea. It tastes so good." Daisy cut in with a small smile. She didn't mind dropping the mask and smiling in front of them, maybe it's because she had already treated them as her family. That was why she always felt relaxed around them.

The two men stopped talking about replacing Mark; after all, they were only joking. None of them really wanted to see him go. He was a smart soldier, and they knew Mark was loyal to Daisy, which made him outshine most of the other candidates. Besides, they got along with him.

Time seemed to pass slowly. Daisy returned to her office and resumed her work after having tea with the commander and Kevin. She was too focused on her work. She looked up and realized it was later than she thought. She checked her watch and frowned, 'What's Edward doing? Why didn't he call me? He's usually c

s heart always skipped a beat whenever Edward smiled like that. She felt like a teenage girl who was excited yet frightened to meet her lover.

"Yes, I'm here to pick you up. Don't you want to see me?" Edward gently pinched her blushing face, his fingers lovingly caressing her rosy cheek.

"Yes! But how long have you been waiting? I told you I'd be working late tonight. Why didn't you call and tell me you are here?" Daisy noticed that Edward also looked tired. He must have waited for quite a long time.

"It's fine. I like to wait for you." Daisy had waited for him for so many years. It was his turn to do the same for her. After all, he owed her that much. No matter how long it took, he would wait for her. It was how he loved her.

"It's late. Did you have dinner or not?" Daisy was worried that Edward would skip dinner for her. She didn't like it; she wanted him to take good care of himself, for her sake.

"Haha. Never mind. I'll drive you home!" Edward replied as he lowered his head to give her a swift kiss. He left her lips after a few seconds, however, it was long enough for someone hiding in the bushes to snap a picture.

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