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   Chapter 294 To Lose Herself In Edward's Love (Part Two)

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"Nothing. I'm just saying. Now tell me -- how's the report coming? Make it a brilliant one! I really want to see you get promoted before I retire." The commander didn't continue because he wasn't sure what was truth and what were simply rumors. Daisy still had an important report to finish, and he didn't want to distract her. He decided to drop it for now. He'd already cautioned Daisy about potential problems, so his job was done. 'Be discreet' was a good advice for anyone.

"I'll do my best. I don't really care about the promotion. I do what I have to do and leave no regrets." Daisy realized that the commander must have heard something about her, otherwise he wouldn't just say something like this out of blue. Since he didn't want to continue, she didn't push him. She would never force anyone to do things they didn't want to do.

"Don't say that! Be more ambitious and look at the bigger picture! Is this about what Hank said earlier?" The commander couldn't help sighing heavily. Hank had never thought Daisy was a good officer. Whenever he challenged her, he ended up humiliated. He got desperate enough to make things up in front of the commander, trying to ruin Daisy's reputation. But the commander knew Daisy; he trusted that she was a decent person. However, Hank didn't think so. He simply believed that the commander favored Daisy and ignored her faults.

"No. I just ignore his words. I think I've arrived at a satisfactory height. I've worked really hard to get where I am. I'll have to push even harder

"Commander, next time you want to do something under the table, do remember to leave Colonel Daisy behind; otherwise Mark will make sure the entire army base knows about it within 5 minutes." Kevin retorted sourly while shaking his head violently. He didn't have a dog nose, alright? He knew they were here simply because Mark told him. Kevin suddenly felt lucky that Mark wasn't living in wartime, otherwise he would definitely betray his country -- not out of maliciousness but because of his big mouth.

Daisy burst into snickers when she heard Kevin. Mark was a careless young man; he loved to poke around and shared the gossip with Daisy. Daisy knew Mark didn't mean anything bad by it, and he knew exactly what he should say and who he should say it to; therefore she didn't give it much attention. Anyway, all he could pry from others was nothing but fluff. Others were not stupid; they would joyfully gossip with each other, but they also knew to keep their mouths shut when it came to something critical.

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