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   Chapter 293 To Lose Herself In Edward's Love (Part One)

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"Colonel, the commander wants to see you." Mark suddenly burst in and reported to Daisy; he had always been this thoughtless. Luckily, Daisy was used to it, so she wasn't surprised.

"Okay, did he say why he wants to see me?" Daisy asked, fixing her eyes on the report in her hands. She hadn't finished the report, and so she made no moves.

"He didn't. I bet it's something good." The commander wore a big ear-to-ear grin when Mark saw him; hence Mark figured that he must have some good news for Daisy, probably something to do with the military exercises! Every one in the army base was talking about how marvelous Daisy had been this time. It didn't matter if they meant what they said or were just trying to be polite, Mark still felt thrilled when they praised his colonel.

"Okay. I'm going there now." Daisy put the report aside and tidied herself up before leaving for the commander's office. To be honest, the military exercises was a big success, but she didn't think there was anything worth bragging about -- she only did what she was supposed to. She still remembered Hank's words earlier in the morning. She had decided to pay no attention to his teasing; but somehow she still felt uncomfortable when she thought of their conversation.

It was roasting in the afternoon. Daisy frowned and looked up at the burning sun in the sky as she stepped out of her office. The bright light stung her eyes; she closed her eyes for a while and walked towards the commander's office.

Standing in front of

ly beautiful when she was focused on something.

"Major General Gu is indeed a brave and tactical young man. But your coolness under fire played an important role. I've received lots of calls expressing their admiration for you! I'm sure you will be promoted in no time. Speaking of which, you should be more discreet. You're already the talk of the base because of the military exercises. Don't let anyone have something to use against you."

The commander didn't just say it without reason. He heard some rumors about Daisy. He had no idea whether there was any truth in those rumors or not, but he did remember that Daisy no longer lived in the dormitory the army base prepared for her. Anyway, he thought he'd better alert Daisy before things got worse.

"Discreet? What do you mean by that?" Confused, Daisy asked with a frown. She didn't know why the commander suddenly brought this up. He had never cautioned her about this kind of things before, so why now? Did she misbehave and not realize it?

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