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   Chapter 292 Are You Miss Jessica (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5234

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"What do you think, Hank? Are you in? I am only asking you to find a way to deliver it. I am not saying that you should hand the letter to your leader by yourself. You only need to mention Daisy's unethical conduct to your leaders at the right time. You won't get into trouble. Besides, what we are saying about Daisy are true facts. Then what are you afraid of?" Jessica said firmly. No matter what happened, she was determined to win this time. Otherwise, she would not know what to do with her unborn child. She couldn't imagine being an unmarried mother. It was ridiculous! She would not keep the baby if it weren't for Edward. Her excellent figure was ruined because of the pregnancy. But it was worth it if she could win back Edward.

"Don't be ridiculous. Who says I'm afraid? But why should I do this? It will take a lot of efforts and I will get nothing in return." Hank had coveted Jessica's beauty. But since he knew that she was Edward's woman, he gave up the idea of getting her. He didn't dare to ruffle Edward's feathers.

"What if you also get something in return? You just need to send the letter for me. You won't be involved in the matter, " Jessica said while placing a cheque for 5 million dollars in front of Hank. She was sure that he would take it. Money makes the mare go, and Hank was a hypocrite.

"Are you trying to bribe me?" When Hank saw the number on the cheque, he couldn't deny to himself that he wanted it. But this concerned his career, so he needed to be pretentious.

"Oh! Hank, don't say that. It's just a small token for b

to win against such convincing evidence.

"I'm leaving now. Hank, wish you have a good career! Goodbye." Jessica heaved a sigh of relief. Now she only needed to wait for the good news to come. But before the plan succeeded, she decided to keep a low profile. She also felt the need to keep a safe distance from Edward in order to avoid the possibility of raising any suspicions. If Edward came to know about this, it wouldn't end well for Jessica.

"Thanks! Miss Jessica. You must leave first. I will go later." Hank decided not to leave with Jessica. They needed to play safe to avoid any evidence for accusation.

Jessica gave a thoughtful smile. It surprised her that although this lecher seemed offensive, he was very careful. When he suggested that he would leave later, she immediately realized what he meant. She walked gracefully out of the booth, her slender waist twisting with her pace. Just as she left the place, a plot was brewed, and the target was the aloof beauty who was sitting busy with her work at the military base.

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