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   Chapter 291 Are You Miss Jessica (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5490

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A plot was concocted secretly. In the booth of a coffee house, Jessica sneered. 'As long as I have money, nothing is impossible. Huh! That Daisy, or Colonel, I will wait and watch how long you can enjoy this glorious title. Let's see how long Edward will stay captivated by you without this honorable label. Soon you'll see Edward return to me, ' Jessica thought.

"Are you Miss Jessica? Did you ask for me? You are a rare beauty indeed." Hank's eyes brightened at the sight of Jessica. Her charming demeanor was as beautiful as blooms, Hank thought. It was a pity that she lacked Daisy's aloof style. Otherwise, he would have attempted to win her over.

"So you must be Hank, the man who got in touch with my detective." When Jessica saw Hank, she frowned. There was a trace of despise in her eyes. She detested men with such dreadful looking. Even the uniform he was wearing failed to conceal his foulness. He didn't deserve the dignified uniform, Jessica thought.

"Yes, it's me. I am surprised to know that Daisy has offended such a beauty, " Hank said while glaring avariciously at her plump breasts. His eyes were glowing with excitement. He imagined being in bed with her. He wondered if it would be as mindblowing as he thought.

"Sit down, please. We need to come up with a perfect plan." If Jessica wasn't desperate for his help, she would have left immediately. The guy was obscene. She felt annoyed by his lewd gaze. But this kind of behavior was expected from him. A nice person, wouldn't participate in her plan, Jessica thought.

"Why did you come to me for help?" Hank said while brazenly gazing at her breasts which were

rred to him that the man who picked up Daisy would be the handsome and charming Mr. Edward. Therefore he felt doubtful of Jessica's words.

"You don't need to doubt it. It's the truth. Otherwise, I wouldn't make trouble for her? This is the letter of accusation written by me. You just need to hand it over to the concerned department at the military base. And I will handle the rest. Don't worry." 'Daisy, do you really think that I will believe that you and Edward are married? Let me tell you, I'm not that stupid. Just wait for your punishment. I hope you will like my surprise. Haha!' Jessica thought.

"Are you sure this will work?" Hank picked up the letter Jessica handed to him and sneered suspiciously. It wasn't that he didn't believe Jessica, the main concern was that the Commander and Major General were Daisy's supporters. If the plan failed, he would be accused of framing Daisy. He was concerned about the consequences of the accusation. If it became serious, he would be discharged from the army. He didn't want to make any rash decisions at the risk of losing his career.

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